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Wax Ceramic Chamber Tank

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Product Description

Facts & Features;

  • Wax Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • 1 Connector Connector Chamber
  • 1 Stainless Steel Mesh Screen
  • 1 Heat-Reducing Drip Tip

Additional Features;

  • eGo Threaded
  • Dry Wax Ceramic Chamber Brand: Vapormax
  • Vapormax Ceramic Chamber Retail Box Included

Ceramic Herb Vape Chamber

Please Note: These Pictures Are of the Ceramic Herb Chamber and Are For Reference Only as the Ceramic Wax Chamber Does Not Include the Packing Spring.
In Addition, the Color of the Ceramic Wax Chamber Will Depend on the Color You Select.

Dry Herb Vape Tank

Bling Wax Vape Pen

Please Note there is NO Manufacture Warranty on these Dry Wax Ceramic Heating Chamber Tanks. We Test Each and Every Little Piece to Ensure Your Wax Ceramic Heating Chambers are Properly Working Prior to Shipping. We Unfortunately Will Not Replace, Exchange, or Warranty the Wax Ceramic Heating Chamber For Any Reason. We Encourage You to Read the Tips Below As These Are Extremely Common User Errors That Cause Wax Ceramic Heating Chambers to Prematurely or Instantly Die. If You Are Unfamiliar With How Herb Ceramic Heating Chambers Work, We Strongly Suggest Purchasing a Spare Wax Ceramic Heating Chamber in Case of an Accident.

DO NOT Thread the Chamber Connector to the Ceramic Wax Heating Chamber in a Hurry

  • When you put your Wax inside your Wax Ceramic Heating Chamber, remember to thread the Chamber Connector on slowly to prevent the threads from stripping. The threads on the Chamber Connector and Ceramic Chamber are delicate so please be careful.

Do Not Poke Around Inside the Ceramic Heating Chamber

  • Even if you think you are being very gently it's better just to avoid poking inside the Herb Ceramic Heating Chamber all together as this will damage the coils inside the Wax Ceramic Heating Chamber. This is the #1 way Ceramic Heating Chamber break or stop working. We recommend using a soft small brush if you're attempting to clean out your Wax Ceramic Heating Chamber or as a last result, you can very gently use a Q-tip.

Never Scrape Inside the Wax Ceramic Heating Chamber

  • Attempting to Clean the Wax Ceramic Heating Chamber area by scraping or having contact with the coils or screen is the #2 largest way people either break their coils or find that their Wax Ceramic Heating Chamber suddenly stops working.

Don't Holding Down the Button for an Extended Period of Time

  • Don't press the button down and forget. You should not hold down the button for more than 12 seconds at a time. The Ceramic Wax Heating Chambers draw a lot of voltage from the Batteries so doing firing longer than 12 seconds can cause damage to your Battery as well as burn out your Ceramic Wax Heating Chamber.

Wait 15-25 Seconds in Between Hits

  • Taking hits too fast overheats the coils causing the Wax Ceramic Heating Chambers prematurely burn out

Never Dry Fire Your Coil

  • Without material in the coil, dry-firing your coils or heating up your Wax Ceramic Heating Chamber will cause the coils to overheat and burn out instantly or prematurely. This is the #5 way people burn out their Wax Ceramic Heating Chambers. Most people make this mistake when they first get their pen kits because they are in such a hurry and really excited to try it out and see how it works. At Vape Royalty, we have a proprietary method used to test each item including the Ceramic Wax Chambers to ensure every piece of these kits are always shipped in perfect condition, therfore, we've done the testing for you. With that being stated, prior to firing your Battery and Chamber, please make sure there is something in the Ceramic Wax Heating Chamber.

Please Advise This Wax Chamber Will Not Work With Dried Herb or Flowers. Please See The Differences in Coils in the Picture Below

Dry Herb vs Wax Vape Chamber Tank

Warranty Information

These Wax Ceramic Chambers should only be purchased and used by consumers who have knowledge of how they should be used. User error and improper care can instantly or gradually damage their Battery and/or the Ceramic Wax Chamber.

For sanitary and hygienic purposes, and also due to the fact that we do not support returns of wax products being shipped back to our warehouse for security reasons, we test and inspect every component in these chamber kits prior to shipping to ensure each piece is cosmetically as described and in perfect working condition. For those reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges on these Wax Ceramic Chambers and there is no manufacture warranty as each kit is shipped free of defects, therefore, all sales are final.

For more information please see our Terms & Returns Page. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us prior to purchasing this product by using our Contact Us.

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