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Vape Bling Care Guide

  The Ultimate Vape Bling Handbook by Vape Royalty

Detailed Instructions and Tips for All of Our Vape Bling

Prior to Shipping our Vape Bling
Our Custom Bling Department creates all of our Vape Bling in-house and assembles all of the items into the vape cases. The completed Bling Vape Kits then are brought to our QA Department to do their inspections and testing. Some of those protocols include checking to make sure the battery charges and holds a charge with the USB and Wall Charger that will be shipped out in that kit, voltage testing the batteries, turn the batteries on/off, pressing on the button for a few seconds at a time to ensure they fire correctly, etc. Last, our QA Department inspects the tanks for cracks, test the thread by threading the tanks onto the batteries, make sure the drip tip on the tank threads properly, etc. If the Bling Vape Kit passes all of the QC checks and gets the stamp of approval, it is then sent to our Shipping Dept where it's carefully packed up and shipped out. This same type of process is also completed with all of our Vape Bling including our Custom Bling Mods, Custom Bling Tanks, Custom Bling Drip Tips, etc. We never ship any of our Vape Bling items without being fully inspected to ensure we ship our Vape Bling in perfect esthetic condition and without manufacture defects. To learn more about how we R&D our batteries that will be part of our Bling Vape kits, please visit our About Us page.

Vape Pen Battery Safety & Warnings (for bling and non-bling vape pen batteries)
The usb charger and wall charger sold on our website is designed to deliver the correct voltage to our bling vape pen batteries. Our bling vape pen batteries are intended to only be used with our usb chargers and wall chargers. Vape pen batteries have a severe risk of fire and injury as they may explode, overheat or ignite if they are improperly handled, misused, or charged incorrectly.

  • The vape pen batteries included in our vape pen kits are only to be used with usb charger and wall charger included our vape pen kit
  • Only use the usb charger and wall charger that is included in this vape kit to charger our vape pen batteries. Do not use a usb charger, wall charger, or combination of to charge our vape pen batteries other than the usb charger and wall charger included in this vape pen kit
  • Do not use any other devices or methods of charging to charge your vape pen battery other than the usb charger and wall charger included in the vape pen kit
  • Do not use a usb charger, wall charger, charger that can accept a usb, a usb outlet, your laptop, a car charger, or any method(s) of charging to charge your vape pen battery other than the usb charger and wall charger that is included in this vape kit
  • Do not use a usb charger, wall charger, charger that can accept a usb, a usb outlet, your laptop, a car charger, or any method(s) of charging to charge your vape pen battery other than the usb charger and wall charger that is included in this vape kit
  • Do not leave your vape pen battery turned on when not in use
  • Always store your vape pen battery turned off and in a vape case
  • Always ensure there is nothing that can press the vape pen battery button on inside the vape pen case when not in use
  • Keep away from flammable materials
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Do not place in fires or leave in hot places
  • Do not drop or make subject to strong impact
  • Keep dry and away from water
  • Never throw batteries in a fire or attempt to open outer vape pen shell/casing
  • Batteries must be recycled or disposed of properly and should not be disposed of with other household waste

Bling Vape Pen Kit Setup Guide
Thread the battery into the USB Charger
Plug the USB Charger into the Wall Charger (the light on the USB will turn red)
Leave your battery charging until the light on the USB Charger turns green
Thread your tank into on your Bling Vape battery (see below for tank filing instructions)
Click the button 5 times fast to turn the battery on. You have to click the button 5 times pretty fast or the battery won't turn on. This is also how you turn your battery off. The battery requires 5 fast clicks in a row to turn it on which is a safety feature so in the event your battery's button bumps up against something, it won't turn itself on and fire on it's own
Press and hold down the button at the same time as inhaling. Your button will be illuminated each time you press the button. If the button is not illuminated, make sure your battery is turned on
Please Note   The first time you use your tank, you must press the button and inhale, repeat, repeat, repeat. You will do this for about a minute until the vapor production starts producing. This is because the juice needs time to flow through the tank's system. Think of a water hose. When you first turn it on, it takes a bit until the water flows through the other end. Luckily with vape tanks, you only need to do this 1 time (when the tank is brand new)

Filling Your CE4 or CE5 Tank
This Fill Guide Can Be Used for Both CE4 and CE5 Tanks
Unscrew the Drip Tip/Mouthpiece on the tank
How to Use a Bling Vape Pen
 Fill your tank up to the Max Fill Line by pouring your juice along the outer wall, avoiding getting juice in the center hole
How to Fill a Bling Vape Pen Tank
Screw your drip tip back onto your CE4 or CE5 tank
Lay your tank on it's side for about 30 seconds, then roll it to it's other side and let it sit for another 30 seconds. This helps the wicks soak up juice
Your CE4 or CE5 is now ready to use!

Filling Your EVOD Tank
Unscrew the Base of your EVOD Tank
Flip your tank upside down as this is how you will be filling it with juice
 Fill your tank up to the Max Fill Line by pouring your juice along the outer wall, avoiding getting juice in the center hole
How to Fill an EVOD Tank
Make sure your coil head is tightened down all the way (as shown in #1)
Screw the base back onto your tank
Once your base is securely tightened onto your tank, you can flip it back right-side up Your CE4 is now ready to use!
Your EVOD Tank is now ready to use!

Caring for Our Vape Bling
As the originators and creators of the Vape Bling Market, we create the highest quality Vape Bling in the industry. Like any other high-end item, proper care and handling is essential. Although our hand-made Vape Bling is made to last, they're not indestructible. Before genuine crystals, glass, 3D pieces, etc are applied, if they are not cared and handled properly, they can chip, break, crack, or shatter. When you bond them to a vape, it does not change the structure or strength of the bling itself. We create a strong long-lasting bond between the bling and the vape, however, the crystals and 3D pieces themselves are delicate by nature.
Below are Some Tips for Your Vape Royalty Vape Bling so it will last for many years to come

Treat your vape bling items like jewelry
Always handle with love and care, just like you would with your jewelry
Avoid keeping your Vape Bling around when you're applying cosmetics
Cosmetics don't necessarily harm Vape Bling but it does add a film to the crystals which can be hard to clean off as cosmetics tend to have an oily texture.
Avoid getting juice on the crystals and 3D pieces
   Juice (e-Juice) unfortunately, due to it's oily composition is an enemy for bling items. If juice comes into contact with the crystals or 3D Bling pieces, take a damp microfiber cloth and both the areas with juice. Use different sides of the damp cloth until the juice is removed to avoid adding juice back onto the effected area.
Never use the 3D Pieces as a handle and avoid touching the 3D Pieces as much as possible
❤   If you have purchased one of our 3D Bling Vape Kits that has a 3D Crystallized Bow. When threading on the tank, hold the vape around the area with the least amount of 3D pieces and crystals, and if possible, hold onto an area that doesn't have bling. Never hold on onto the 3D Crystallized Bow, 3D Crown, etc while threading on the tank.
Never use the 3D Pieces as finger rests
When holding your Bling Vape Pen or Bling Mod, place your fingers on an area that does not have 3D Pieces added, if possible. Also hold onto your bling device with a fairly firm grip. What you don't want to do is rest your fingers underneath one of the 3D Pieces. If your fingers are under one of the 3D Pieces and your grip is not firm, you're essentially making the 3D Piece support the weight of your Bling Vape or Mod. This adds a significant amount of stress to the bond between the 3D Piece and the Vape or Mod since all of the weight is being supported by 3D Pieces.
Mods with Crystallized Buttons: Avoid pressing the button on it's side
When you're using one of our Bling Vape Mods, if it has a Crystallized button, ensure you're pressing the middle of the button. Pressing on the corner/side of the button adds constant pressure to the bond between the crystals and the button.

Lifespan of a CE4 Tank
Every Vape tank, whether it be a CE4, CE5, DCT Tank, RBA, RDA, or even a Sub Ohm Tank, all require the coils to be replaced. The difference between a tank that is reusable vs. a disposable tank depends on whether or not the coils are able to be replaced in that tank. CE4 tanks are disposable and will need to be replaced when the coil becomes weak or dies as the tank is sealed, meaning you can only add juice by unscrewing the drip tip and that is it. There is no coil access to CE4 tanks. The lifespan of a CE4 is generally anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It really depends on a combination of how much you use it, how you care for it, and/or if you continuously vape or give it time to cool in between hits, etc. The benefit of a CE4 tank is they are a small upfront investment aka they don't cost much, they are very convenient, and they are extremely easy to use which is why they are so popular in vaping.
Lifespan of Tanks with Replaceable Coils
Tanks such as EVOD, Vivi Nova, CE5, Sub Ohm, and other tanks that utilize replaceable coils in theory, last forever. The Coil Heads, however, don't. So although you need to replace the coil heads, you don't need to replace the entire tank. All tanks with replaceable coil heads last anywhere between a few days to a few days. Again, this really depends on how much you use it, how you care for it, your vaping tendencies, and other factors of that nature.
Tanks with Replaceable Coils vs. Rebuildable Atomizers
Any tank that uses replaceable coils means you unscrew the old coil and screw on the new coil. There's no building required for tanks that use replaceable coils. Rebuildable Atomizers must be built using either wick or cotton and either wire or mesh, depending on the design of the atomizer. Please note Sub Ohm Tanks, RBAs, and RDAs must be used on a Sub Ohm Battery, Mechanical Mod or a VV Mod. Not all VV Mods have the capability of supporting sub ohm tanks so it's important to read all of the details, be knowledgeable about what you're purchasing, and contact us if you're unsure.

How the Flavor of Your Juice Can Effect Your Tank
All Atomizer Tanks that are not glass or metal should avoid fruity flavors that contain citrus as they can crack or melt plastic and acrylic tanks. All of the Tanks in our Bling Vape Pen Kits are made of acrylic or plastic as well with the exception of our Bling Vape Pen Kits that include our Metallic Aluminum Vivi Nova Tanks. Many flavors may not seem like they would even include citrus flavors, however, juice companies don't list out each flavor they use in each juice and you never know which flavors might be part of your favorite juice. There have been reports of many flavors that would seem to be the least likely to be prone to cracking or melting a tank but have so it's important to find out if the juice you're vaping is safe for plastic and acrylic tanks. Unless of course your tank is glass or metal.
Start by asking the retailer you purchase your juice from if the juice you're using or wishing to purchase is prone to crack or melt acrylic or plastic tanks. Some companies will list this information on their website and if you purchase from a shop, they will sometimes let you know if they see the tank you're using, however, not all companies work the same so it's always best to not assume and ask if you're unsure. If the company you purchase your juice from are unsure or cannot give you a firm answer, contact the manufacture.
How the PG/VG Ratio of Your Juice Can Effect Your Tank
Our Bling Vape Pen Kits include either Vivi Novas, CE4, CE5, or EVOD tanks which are designed to be used with juice that is no more than 30% VG. VG is the ingredient in juice that produces thicker clouds of vapor, however, it has a much higher density, therefore, it thickens the juice. Juices with VG higher than 30% are more prone to build up on your wicks and coils which will result in a clogged tank which will require you to very frequently replace the coil head in your tank which is why juices higher than 30% VG are generally intended to be used with more advanced Atomizer Tanks such as RBAs, RDAs, Sub Ohm Tanks, etc.
If you are unsure what the VG/PG ratio is for the juice you're currently using or wishing to purchase, always ask the company you purchase your juice from if they don't provide you with this important information.

Before Turning the Dry Herb Vaporizer On
Make sure that the Bling Vape is turned off before you fill your ceramic heating chamber with your dry materials.
Filling the Dry Herb Chamber
To fill the dry herbs into the ceramic heating chamber, unscrew the chamber connector counterclockwise. Be careful not to forcefully unscrew the chamber connector as this can damage the threads. Once the chamber connector is removed, fill the ceramic heating chamber with your dry herbs. We do not recommend packing the chamber full of the materials. At least leave half of the space empty to allow air to circulate during vaporizing. After you have filled your dry herbs, thread the chamber connector back onto the ceramic heating chamber. Again, never forcefully thread or un-thread any of the parts which can and eventually will strip, cross-thread, damage, and/or ruin the threads.
Turning the Dry Herb Vaporizer On/Off
The Bling Batteries can be turned on or off by pressing the button 5 times in quick succession. So again, you do the same thing to turn the Bling Battery on and off. The reason the Bling Batteries require the button to be pressed 5 times fast is a safety feature. This prevents the pen vaporizer from accidentally turning on while it's in your pocket, purse, etc, however, we recommend storing your Bling Herb Vape Pen in the Vape Case that's included in your kit to avoid damage to the crystals.
Using your Herb Bling Vape Pen
Press the button 5 times fast to turn on your Bling Vape Battery, you can activate the ceramic heating chamber by pressing and holding down the button.

Bling Vape Pen Kit Tips & Troubleshooting
 Always be checking the juice levels on your tank. Never let the juice get lower than 3/4ths empty as it may burn out your coil and cause a burnt taste
When filling your tank, If juice gets into that center hole, the tank will leak through the drip tip and through the bottom of the tank so please be careful and take your time
Don't run your battery too low as this weakens the battery. You will notice your battery is starting to die when your tank isn't producing as much vapor.
Your battery will let you know when it's completely dead as it will repetitively blink and then turn off
If your battery isn't freshly charged and your tank isn't producing as much vapor, then your battery needs to be charged
If you have a CE4 Tank and your battery is freshly charged but your tank isn't producing as much vapor, you more than likely a need a new tank
Additional Tips For Tanks with Replaceable Coils such as CE5 and EVOD Tanks:
If your battery is freshly charged and your tank isn't producing as much vapor, you more than likely need a new coil head
If the light on your vape stays lit, you either need a replacement coil or replacement tank if you're using a CE4. If you just replaced your coil on your tank and the light on the battery is constantly illuminated, the coils was not tighten down all the way. All of our coils are made to fit with our tanks. If you purchased a coil replacement from another retailer, the battery may be constantly illuminated due to the coil not being the correct coil in which you need to speak to that retailer regarding the issue.
Always thoroughly wash your tank, tank base, and drip tip prior to replacing the coil head. Never re-use the juice from your tank if the coil was burnt. When coils burn, they also burn the juice and that burnt taste becomes part of the juice. If you re-use that juice it will cause the new coil to taste burnt as well. To prevent this from happening, start looking out for signs that your coil is weakening or not performing as it used to so you know when to change your coil before it burns your juice and never let your juice level get too low in your tank.