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Temp Contol Vape Guide

If you're interested in a Temp Control Vape Setup, want to know what's required in Temp Control Vaping, or if you have no idea how Temp Control Vaping works, what Temp Control Vaping is, or have no clue why you would even want a Temp Control Vape Setup, you have come to the right place.

 What is Temperature Control Vaping

What is Temp Control Vaping

Temp Control Vaping is a technology where a device regulates and limits the temperature of the coils in the atomizer. In order for device and atomizer to 'communicate,' there are 2 requirements that are necessary. 1; a Temp Control device and 2; you must use nickel replacement coils in your tank or use nickel wire to build your atomizer. You can also use pure titanium wire, however, the cost is sometimes higher and very few atomizers use replacement titanium coils.

How Temp Control Vapes Work
The labeling of 'Temperature Control' is sort of ironic, as Temp Control devices do not actually have any type of thermostat or temperature sensor of any sort. Instead of have a sensor to determine the temperature of the coils, Temp Control mods monitor the changes in resistance as the coils are heated. When a specific resistance change is detected, the Temp Control device will adjust, gradually reduce, restrict, or cut-off power so that the coil isn't damaged.

Temp Control devices also rely on nickel (or titanium) coil. As the coils heats, the resistance rises. The increase in resistance is a relatively constant value based on its temperature. The Temp Control device uses the change in resistance to roughly control temperature within 10° F.

When building an atomizer with nickel coil for the first time, you may also notice the significant increase in coil wraps required. This is generally where people get hung up thinking that they're clearly doing something wrong. But the truth is, nickel coil builds requires a lot more wraps in order to achieve the same resistance as you would with Kanthal coil. In fact, it's not uncommon for builds made with nickel coil to have double or triple the amount of wraps than build made using Kanthal coil. This may not come as a surprise for those of you who have been using nickel coil to build your atomizers for some time now, but while many people know how to build nickel coil builds, they still don't exactly understand the reason as to why nickel coil builds require so many additional coil wraps over kanthal builds. So let us explain...
Nickel Wire for Vaping

Atomizer builds made of nickel coil heat up much quicker than builds made of kanthal wire. The additional wraps you made in your nickel coil build is what helps slow down the conductivity. And despite the popular believe, nickel coil (or even titanium coils) have little electrical resistance. That plays into why spacing your coil wraps evenly is so important. Furthermore, spacing your coils is necessary because if the coils make contact, your Temp Control device will detect the resistance change inaccurately. But due to the amount of coil wraps needed, it can be fairly difficult to get the spacing of the wraps perfect. It generally takes a few times to get it right when you first start using nickel wire. This is also why some prefer to use pure Titanium wire. The resistance is higher so less coil wraps are required and it's more stiff than nickel.

For all those reasons, nickel and titanium coils were never widely used nor easily available because before Temp Control devices existed, there wasn't a safe way to regulate or limit output power which very easily can result in injuries and property damage. This is also why atomizers made of nickel coil should only be used on Temp Control devices. We receive many emails asking if it is possible or why it's not possible to use atomizers with nickel coil or nickel replacement coils with mechanical mod and that is why. So for those of you who either don't know, or for those of you who are trying of saving a few bucks and thinking of purchasing a mechanical mod a non-Temp Control Device, take the time to learn the possible damage it may cause before you put yourself, the people around you, and the property surrounding you at risk.

Temp Control capabilities are only possible with the use of a Temp Control Device. More importantly, it's not safe to use nickel coils without a Temp Control device, therefore, never use an atomizer with coils made of nickel with any device other than a Temp Control device. Nickel coil builds paired with mechanical mods or any other non-Temp Control devices is an extremely dangerous combination and threatens your safety. There is enough controversy about our vape community as it is, so please don't give the anti-vape activists a reason to further discriminate against us.


What You Need to Start Temp Control Vaping

Nickel coils and Temp Control devices are used in Temp Control Vaping as a pair. You need both to start Temp Control Vaping and you can't use one without the other. You cannot use nickel wire builds without a Temp Control device and cannot use a Temp Control device without a nickel coils, therefore, you start Temp Control Vaping without a Temp Control device. There unfortunately is no way around this. It is not possible to use any other device other than a Temp Control device when using nickel coils. Using nickel coils a Temp Control Device will lack Temp Control capabilities and puts you in serious risk for severe bodily injury and property damage.


Devices (Mods) for Temp Control Vaping;
In order to start Temp Control Vaping, you will need a device that with Temp Control capabilities. If you currently have a mod that you believe may be a Temp Control device, you can either read the user manual or read the product description in the product listing on our website. If neither mention anything about being Temp Control, then you will need a Temp Control device if you'd like to have a Temp Control setup. Never assume the device you have or wish to purchase is a Temp Control device. Always verify this information prior to purchasing or attempting to use the device in a Temp Control vape setup. Additionally, you may contact us if you have questions regarding if the device you purchased from us or wish to purchase will work for Temp Control Vaping.

Atomizer Tank Options for Temp Control Vaping;

Most all atomizers can be used as part of a Temp Control vape setups which makes Temp Control Vaping very versatile. Most people find Temp Control Vaping an easy switch because they don't have to change everything they love about their non-Temp Control setup when they start Temp Control Vaping.

Sub Ohm Tanks for Temp Control Vaping

If you like Sub Ohm tanks, this will be an easy transition as many Sub Ohm Tank Manufactures offer nickel coil replacements. You may even already have a Sub Ohm Tank that has nickel replacement coils available and it's just a matter of purchasing the nickel replacement coils. If you don't have a Sub Ohm Tank and you'd like to purchase one to use in a Temp Control setup, you're should not only browse the various Sub Ohm Tanks we offer, but also view all the Sub Ohm Tank replacement coils available for the Sub Ohm Tank you wish to purchase to ensure nickel coils are manufactured for that tank. If you're at all confused in determining if nickel replacement coils are manufactured for the tank you'd like to purchase, be sure to read the product description which will state which replacement coil option to choose for nickel coils. Another way to easily spot nickel replacement coils is to look for 'Ni200'.

temp contol replacement coils

Any replacement coil option that begins 'Ni' means the coil is made of Nickel. If you are still having trouble, feel free to contact us. And if it turns out there isn't nickel replacement coils offered for the Sub Ohm Tank you want, we will be able to let you know if there will be in the future. Many of the Sub Ohm Tank manufactures are in the works of releasing nickel replacement coils for their tanks or have plans to do so.

RDAs, RTAs, & RBAs for Temp Control Vaping
Temp Control RDA
If you prefer using rebuildable atomizers (RDA or RBA), you must build your atomizer using nickel wire. Please note that various Sub Ohm Tanks also have RBA and RTA kits available which can be purchased separately. This gives you the ability to build your coils as you would an other RBA. This is also useful for those would would like to have the ability to switch between building their coils (using the RBA kit) as well as be able to use their Sub Ohm Tanks using replacement nickel coils. 

What Makes Temp Control Vaping Different
Temperature Control Vaping can be extremely convenient, potentially safer, and helps extend the life of your coils. Some of the features Temp Control setups include are preventing you from firing your mod if your atomizer tank's coils are too hot which can burn out or weaken your coils, and preventing you from dry firing your tank if it detects there isn't juice on your coils (aka prevents dry hits). If you've ever experienced a dry hit or burnt taste before, which I'm sure most of your have, it's not so pretty. And there is nothing worse than taking the time building a fresh new coil build or putting in a fresh new coil in your tank and a few hours later accidentally dry firing your mod because you didn't realize you needed to refill your tank or forgot to drip more juice (if you're using an RDA. Dry firing your coils many times makes your tank unusable until you either rebuild it or replace the coils. Both are inconvenient, especially if you're not home. And these simple mistakes get expensive. For example, if you try to add juice to your tank after you burnt the coils, it usually makes all of the juice taste burnt, thus wasting your juice. Even if you are able to still use your setup and it doesn't taste burnt your coils, you'll still notice your build or coil won't last as long as it normally does. Since Temp Control setups prevent these mistakes from being made, it prevents wasted time from replacing your burnt coils, prevents you from wasting your juice, and don't forget to factor in the cost you'd be spending on the wasted coils you prematurely burnt.

 Temp Control Vaping Guide

Overall, Temp Control sounds like the idea setup to have. But Temp Control devices usually cost more so there can sometimes be a slightly higher initial investment, however, many of the newer VV mod devices have Temp Control capabilities anyways so if you're in the market for a new VV mod, there may or may not be a higher price difference.