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Orders & Shipping

    Our Shipping Location

Every order is shipped from the Vape Royalty's Headquarters located in Southern California (USA).

    Where We Ship

Our website accepts orders from the USA, Canada, and United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Armenia, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bahrain, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Japan,, Jordan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Phillipines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam, United Arab Emirate. For all other countries, please contact us using the contact form on our contact page.

We do ship to AFO/FPO/DPO addresses and P.O. Boxes.

    California Orders

California State Regulation requires distributors/sellers of vape products must call the customer via phone after 5pm PST, confirming the order, prior to shipping the vapor products. If the customer is unavailable, leaving a voicemail is acceptable. This regulation was passed to ensure the order has not been made by a minor/person under the age of 21.

    Age Verification (USA Only)

All orders shipped to a United States address must pass through our age verification software per Federal Regulation (FDA). All customers must be 18 years of age, 21 for California and Hawaii. Age verification is completed at checkout.

    International Orders

Country laws in regards to vapor products are constantly changing, therefore, it is your responsibility to only order products that are legal in your country. If you are unsure, please call your customs/duties office to verify. We will not be held responsible for orders that are seized by customers. We will also not be held liable for any customs fee's that may be incurred and you as the customer are responsible for any additional fees.

We offer the following shipping methods for international orders;
USPS First Class International Mail
USPS Priority International Mail

International shipping methods we offer depend on the weight of your package and the country you live in. When you are placing an order on our website, you will be given the options for the shipping method for your order. If some of the international shipping method above are not given to you as an option, that means your order is being able to ship with those shipping methods.

DHL packages take 5-7 business days
USPS First Class International packages can take up to 20 days to reach the destination for Canada and the UK. (It may take longer for countries outside of Canada and the UK)
USPS Priority International packages take about 6-10 business days to reach the destination for Canada and the UK. (It may take longer for countries outside of Canada and the UK)

*Please note: Your country's customs may cause delays in those shipping estimates above. We have no control over this.

**Products That Cannot Ship International: We are able to ship Bling Vape Batteries internationally. We cannot ship any of the following batteries internationally (List of Batteries that Cannot Ship Internationally). If you try to order any of the batteries from that list, they will be removed from your order.

    Billing & Shipping Addresses

Our website is designed to only accept orders where the customer's billing and shipping address match what the customer's financial institution (bank or credit card issuer) has on record. If you are unsure which address your card issuer has on file, we suggest you contact your financial institution. If you receive paper account statements, the address your statements are mailed to is the address your financial institution has on file as your billing address.

    Alternative Shipping Addresses

If you wish to have your order shipped to an alternative address, please contact us with the following information;

  • Item(s) you wish to purchase
  • Quantities you wish to purchase for each item
  • Your billing address for the credit/debit card you plan to use
  • Your desired shipping address
  • Reason You'd Like to ship your order to an alternative address

Once we receive your email, our Loss Prevention team will review your order and may inquire supporting documentation to verify the criteria needed to allow your order and future order to ship to an alternative address. All orders placed with Vape Royalty LLC are ran through our Fraud Detection and Prevention system in which data is plotted and analyzed across multiple matrices. Some of that data includes purchase history such as previous patterns and tendencies on purchases, geographic location, IP address, verified address history, etc. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to reject or cancel any order at any time which we deem as a potentially fraudulent transaction. We may also refuse any orders in which the identity verification provides a connection with a previous credit card dispute.

Vape Royalty LLC does not tolerate fraudulent nor attempted fraudulent orders and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Placing an order and claiming you did not when we have evidence for all orders placed through our website or using a stolen bank or credit card, both leave us no other choice. We have absolutely no problem contacting our industry-recognized attorneys on retainer and pressing charges for Identity, Bank, and Credit Card Fraud which are serious crimes. Prosecuted criminals face some of the most severe jail sentences allowed and we provide this information publicly in addition to sending a update reports to the criminals current employer. We do this to protect and prevent the abuse of card holders such as yourself and to protect our business we worked so hard to grow from fraud. Please do not put us nor yourself in this situation. We Appreciate Your Cooperation and Understanding.

Return Customers: Returning customers (customers who have placed an order with in the past) may use an alternative address for their orders by sending us their order number and the address they wish to ship their order. No other information is required. Just send us your order number and tell us this is where I want my order shipped. Be sure to give us the address you want your order shipped. As long as you send us your shipping address and order number right after you place your order, we should be able to make those changes to your order. If you place your order right before our shipping cut off time and forget to give us your alternative shipping address until a few hours after you've placed your order, your order may have already shipped, therefore, we encourage you contact us directly after your order has been placed.

    Forwarding Addresses

If your shipping address has a forwarding address attached, please contact us prior to placing an order. Currently our packages are marked as 'Do Not Forward' to ensure we have accurate proof of delivery on file for your order that matches the verified shipping address on your account.

    Bitcoin Payments

At this time, we unfortunately are unable to accept BTC as a payment method. Our previous BTC payment processor is not longer supporting website transactions and we are working to find an suitable alternative as we believe in BTC as the future. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Payment Issues

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    Shipping Carriers

Currently we ship all orders via USPS. (For international order, we use USPS and DHL) One of the biggest advantages to shipping USPS is they do not hold your packages just because you opted to ship your package First Class oppose to Priority Mail. Whenever your package gets there, they delivery it. Another benefit is by shipping USPS, we can offer better shipping rates on your orders. Carriers such as UPS and FedEx are more cost efficient on packages that are heavier or larger in volume which does not always suit retail vape sales. Another key feature about shipping USPS is not only do they offer Saturday delivery, but they also do not charge extra for Saturday delivery. (Not all postal/zip codes receive Saturday mail delivery. For more information, please check with USPS to see if your zip code is serviced on Saturdays.) While USPS is not perfect, they overall are fast, reliable, and affordable.

    Shipping Methods

We currently offer USPS First Class Mail and USPS Priority Mail for all domestic orders. To learn more about shipping methods and delivery times for if you are located outside of the USA, please view the 'International Orders' tab above for more information on shipping methods offered in your country.

    Will Calls & In-Store Pickups

We know how tempting it is to want to just pick your stuff up and get it now. We know how much you want your stuff which is why we make every effort to ship your order out ASAP. Aside from our offices, our warehouse are setup to receive, perform R&D, and ship out orders. We are not setup for retail sales. With the volume of orders we ship each day, it would be near impossible for us to allow will calls and in-store pickups. It would also require our Shipping Department to take time away from packing and shipping orders, which would be unfair if those who are not local experienced delayed ship times as a result of will call pick-ups.

We know how much you want your stuff which is why we make every effort to ship your order out ASAP. On average, 100% of our in stock orders are shipped same business day if ordered Monday-Friday before 2:30pm PST. (excluding Holidays and the months of December through January) During the months of December through January, orders placed Monday-Friday ship same day if placed before 1:00 PM PST (excluding Holidays)

    Discrete Shipping

All orders ship in discrete packaging and the sender name on our shipping label reads make no reference to 'vape', 'vaping', or 'Vape Royalty' for your privacy and for the protection of your order.

    Product Availability

All of our product listings on our website display the availability for each item. We have 4 availability statuses we use;

'Sold Out' in which you would not be able to add the item to your cart
'Pre-Order' in which the estimated ship date will be listed on the product page
'Made to Order' in which applies only to Vape Bling items (estimated ship date will be listed on the product page)
'In Stock' Orders that contain items that are all In Stock will ship same business day if your order was placed M-F before 2:30pm PST. All orders placed M-F after 2:30pm PST will ship the following business day.

*Please Note*
We are closed on weekends, therefore, we do not ship on Saturdays & Sundays
We do not ship on Federal or National Holidays as USPS is closed
During December - January, orders must be placed before 1:00pm PST to ship same business day

    Pre-Order Products

An example of an item that is not in stock would be a pre-order. Pre-order items are products that have not yet been released and are listed on our website to let our customers know we will be carrying that product soon. All pre-order items have already been purchased from the manufacture and are on their way.

There are also times when we allow pre-order products to be purchased. The product listing for a pre-order item will display the date the product should ship so you have an idea on how long you should expect to wait. Products that are on pre-order that are able to be purchased are offered for your convenience as these products generally will sell out very quickly, therefore, by purchasing a pre-order product, you are reserving your desired quantity of that item before it is released.

Please don't confuse a 'pre-order' items for 'group buy' product. Vape Royalty does not participate in 'group buys' simply because we do not need our customer's help in paying for products nor meeting MOQs. We are a true and professional business, therefore, our company is more than capable in meeting all of the MOQs and then some on our own.

    Items Out of Stock

While we do not back-order items, we do occasionally offer pre-order items. For all items that are not in stock and are not available for pre-order, on our website you will notice a notify me banner next to the out-of-stock item. By entering your email address followed by clicking the 'Notify Me' button, this will enable an auto notification to be sent to you when the product is back in stock and available for purchase. Rest assure that by adding yourself to our product notification list, you will not be automatically entered into our newsletter subscription, therefore, you do not have to worry about receiving promotional or any additional unwanted emails. However, if you'd like to receive our promotional emails which includes a first look at our new products as well as exclusive promotional deals only available to our newsletter subscribers, feel free to enter your name and email in our 'Newsletter' subscription box located in the bottom right-hand corner of our website.

Very rarely, popular items sell out before our system has a chance to update their status on our website. In the event you have placed an order with us and an ordered item is out-of-stock, we will email you to inform you that we will be unable to ship that item. We then will give you the option to either substitute that item or remove that item from your order in effort to prevent a delay in your order shipping. Occasionally, there are times where we will be receiving a new shipment of the out of stock item within a few days, in which we will give you the options of either; 1) Holding your order until we can fulfill the out of stock item, 2) Ask you if you'd like to substitute the out of stock item, 3) Remove the out of stock item from your order completely.

    What Happens After You Place Your Order

Once you place your order, as long as everything in your order is marked as 'In Stock' your order should ship within 24 business hours of your order being placed. Currently 99% of all orders ship same business day (excluding weekends and Holidays) if ordered before 2:30pm PST as long as all items ordered are In Stock. Please note during the months of December through January, In Stock orders placed Monday-Friday ship same day if placed before 1:00 PM PST (excluding Holidays). 'Made-to-order' and 'Pre-order' products are both exceptions in which the product listing will state when those items will be shipped. If you have placed an order for a 'Made-to-order' or 'Pre-order' product and would you'd like for the In-Stock items to ship first, please place 2 separate orders to prevent the In-Stock items from experiencing a delayed shipping time.

    Order Cancellations

Please review your all of order details to ensure your items, item quantities, as well as your billing/shipping are correct prior to placing your order. Our Shipping Department works diligently to ship all orders efficiently, therefore, we do cannot accept order modification, cancellations and/or cancellations to any part(s) of an order placed as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

    Order Status

You may check your Order Status and view tracking at any time by logging into your Vape Royalty account.

An order status such as 'Awaiting Fulfillment' or 'Awaiting Shipment' simply means the tracking number has not been imported into our system. It does not mean an item on your order is out of stock. Your order will ship according to what the product availability stated at the time of purchase, therefore, if all items in your order were In-Stock, then you order will ship same business day if you placed your order before 2:30pm PST, or will ship the following business day if you placed your order after 2:30pm PST. Business days are classified as Monday through Friday, excluding National and Federal Holidays. Please note during the months of December through January, orders placed Monday-Friday ship same day if placed before 1:00 PM PST (excluding Holidays).

Order are shipped once all of the products in your order are ready to ship as the shipping fee you are charged is the shipping price for all products combined to be shipped together. If your order contains a product where the availability stated 'Made-to-order' or 'Pre-order' on the product listing, your order will ship once the 'Made-to-order' or 'Pre-order' product is ready to ship as we ship all items in the order together. If you have placed an order for a 'Made-to-order' or 'Pre-order' product and would you'd like for the In-Stock items to ship first, please place 2 separate orders to prevent the In-Stock items from experiencing a delayed shipping time.

    Order Tracking

You may at any time login to your Vape Royalty Account and track your order at any time by utilizing the clickable tracking number provided in your account. Tracking numbers auto-upload daily into our system and email tracking numbers around 7:00pm PST. If you have not been sent your tracking number and it's before 7:00pm PST, please wait until at least 7:15pm PST to ensure your email account has had a chance to receive our tracking email as chances are your order has already been shipped. If you it is after 7:15pm PST and you still have not received a tracking email from us, please ensure the email isn’t in your spam or junk folder.

Although we wish we had a crystal ball, unfortunately we don’t, therefore, we cannot determine when you will receive your order as we have no control over USPS's delivery transit times. What we can do, is promise we will make every effort to ensure your order ships out as soon as possible. Please advise if your order has been shipped within the past 24 hours, please 1 full business day for USPS to update the status on your tracking number as USPS may show your tracking number as ‘invalid tracking number’ for the first 24 hours of your order being shipped.

    Signature Delivery Confirmation

All orders placed with a product total (excluding shipping) over $100 dollars USD will be shipped with Signature Delivery Confirmation. This is an additional service that we provide to ensure you receive your package and to protect your order from being delivered and left unattended, given to a neighbor, or accidentally being delivered to the wrong address. That is because Signature Delivery packages are carefully controlled and monitored by USPS, which significantly decrease the odds of your package getting lost during transit. If you would like to request that your package does not have Signature Delivery Confirmation, please contact us and more than likely we will be able to waive this additional service that we provide to all customers.

    Order Delivery Time (Estimate)

USPS First Class

USPS Priority Mail
Priority Mail orders, the transit time on average are between 1-3 business days. While Priority Mail is generally much faster than First Class mail, per USPS's Policy, it is not a guaranteed method of shipping, therefore, shipping your order Prority does not 100% guarantee your order will be delivered within 1-3 business days. Priority Mail tracking numbers usually will show you an Estimated Delivery Date, however, during the holiday season, USPS does not make this function available. 

Please remember, USPS is the one who determines the transit time on your package. Regardless of how large of a customer you are with USPS, they are still a government owned and operated company, and we have no control over them.

As a general rule, when in doubt, or when in a hurry, choose Priority Mail over First Class Mail. This is especially true during the months of November through January as packages shipped during those months almost always face delays due to the holidays.