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Mechanical Mod Guide

What Does VV/VW Mod Stand For?
VV/VW Mod Stands for Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage Mod. This means you control the Voltage/Wattage. With Mechanical Mods, there are many factors that contribute to a Mechanical Mod's Voltage/Wattage.

VV/VW Mod vs. Mechanical Mod
VV/VW Mods are hands down more user-friendly, convenient, and easy to setup straight out of the box. They usually come with a lot of exciting features as well. With Mechanical Mods, although you don't get a fancy LCD screen, a super cool hit counter, or any bells and whistles like most VV/VW Mods have, with Mechanical Mods, you get reliability, more control, and other advantages of that nature. When switching over from a VV/VW mod to a Mechanical Mod or when comparing the two, you can almost think of it as switching from a car with an automatic transmission to a car with a manual transmission. While it's a little bit more work for everyday use, at the same time, you have a lot more control. Mechanical Mods also don't have a chip so you never have to worry about your chip frying, failing, or being defective so the only thing that will stop you from using your Mechanical Mod at any given time would be yourself, or lack of juice :)  However, VV/VW Mods have come a long way and most of the chip issues aren't really problems many people have anymore. More and more, VV/VW Mod manufactures are adding a lot of chip protection features but there's always that slight possibility. For those reasons we always suggest purchasing a genuine VV/VW Mod manufactured by a reputable manufacture and always purchase your VV/VW Mod from a reputable vendor such as ourselves; Vape Royalty. Overall, when choosing between a VV/VW Mod and a Mechanical Mod, it really all depends on what you want and what works for you.

Do Mods Come With Batteries?
Most Mechanical Mods don't come with batteries and some VV/VW Mods do. Whether if be a Mechanical Mod or a VV/VW Mod you're looking at on our website, if it doesn't state it includes a battery, that means the manufacture doesn't include them, therefore you will need to purchase at least 1 battery. We recommend you always reputable brand batteries. We can't stress this enough. 99.9% of the people that complain about battery fitment are either using cheap non-name battery or their using a battery that doesn't fit well with the mod they purchased so when in doubt, ask! We're nice people and always more than willing to help you get the right setup.

How Many Batteries Do I Need
The real question is, do you want to be without your mod while your battery is charging. Another thing to think about is if you are out and about, away from your charger, to avoid being without your Mechanical Mod, you may wish to bring a spare battery with you. But then what happens when you come home and you took both your batteries with you while you were out and your spare battery you are currently using is about to die? As you can see, most people see 2 batteries as a must, others say 3, others say 4, the list goes on. Another thing to consider is all batteries, just like batteries we use in cars, our cell phones, etc, batteries have a lifespan. Overtime, after every charge cycle, your battery will weaken and eventually not hold a charge like it once did. You might go on a trip where you won't have a lot of access during the day to your charger or you could be home even and finally get to the point where you're battery just isn't doing it's job anymore. Being prepared and keeping spares can be very useful and actually save you money from avoiding you from having to overpay for a new battery from a local shop when you're in need. At the same time, you could always monitor you're batteries health and just order one when your battery is starting to get towards the end of it's life. It's all personal preference and what your life consists of on a day to day basis.

Which Brand Batteries Should I Purchase for a Mechanical Mod?
We carry genuine eFest Purple Flat Top Batteries that we purchase directly from eFest which includes a authenticity barcode. We also carry authentic LG Batteries as well. We carry both LG and eFest Purple Batteries because the fitment is always perfect and they have higher amperage draw.

Which Size Batteries Should I Purchase for a Mechanical Mod?
There are a few different sizes of batteries that Mechanical Mods use. There is 26650, 18650, 18500/18490, and 18350. Now 18650, 18500/18490, and 18350 batteries all have the same diameter, but their length is different as well as their mah, output, etc. 18650 is largest with 18350 being the smallest. While larger batteries equal longer use of your mod in between charging your battery, it also means you'll be carrying around a larger and heavier mod. Only you can decide which size is right for you.

As far as which size you need, it depends on which Mod you want to purchase. Always check the product listing on our Vape Royalty website as each mod states which batteries can be used with that Mod. 26650 batteries are the largest battery we offer and the largest battery you can use in a Mechanical Mod. Now 26650 batteries are different in the sense that they have a much large diameter than all of the other batteries. There will never be a Mod that uses 26650 as well as 18650, 18500/18490, or 18350. Many people purchase 26650 for Mechanical Mods that are meant to fit 18650, 18500/18490, or 18350 batteries because they assume that 26650 batteries will be better and last longer because they are the largest size batteries. Again though, it doesn't work that way because 26650 batteries have a larger diameter, therefore, they won't fit in a Mechanical Mod unless the Mechanical Mod states it's a 26650 Mod. So remember, if the Mechanical Mod you wish to purchase is made for 18650, 18500/18490, and/or 18350 batteries, then you can't use a 26650 battery.

Another common size for Mechanical Mod are seamless 18650. In that case, you will only be able to use 18650 batteries which are also the most commonly used size battery. As we stated before, as a general rule, always check the product listing on our Vape Royalty website. We put a lot of time and effort into writing all of our product listings and we always ensure each mod states which battery or batteries can be used with each Mod.

Why We Only Carry Flat Top Batteries
We only carry Flat Top batteries, it's simply because most Mechanical Mods are designed around Flat Top Batteries. We test each product before we ever list them on our website so when we see a product that is well-made that pairs perfectly with everything we carry, it's a no-brainier for us. You can always ensure you'll have the best fitment with Flat Top opposed to Button Top. In fact there are many Mechanical Mods where you can't run Button Top Batteries unless you don't mind your atomizer not sit

Do I really Need a Fancy eFest LUC Charger?
If you don't mind not being able to monitor you're batteries health, if you don't mind not being able to charge your batteries at a slow and consistent rate, if you don't mind your batteries not being thoroughly and fully charged, if you don't mind only being able to charge 1 size battery and never plan on using other size batteries, if you don't mind only being able to charge only 1 battery at a time, or if you don't mind buying new batteries all the time because the cheap $5.00 charger ruined all of your batteries, then no, you don't need a good quality battery charger.

Look, we've all been there. When you're buying a whole Mod setup, especially if you're just getting into Mods, it gets really pricy. But remember, a well-made battery charger that us manufactured by a reputable manufacture actually saves you money. You won't kill your batteries as fast, you can charge 26650, 18650, 18490/18500, and 18650 batteries, you can charge multiple batteries at the same time, your batteries will fully charge, ...we can go on forever. Eventually you will get fed up with your cheap, poor-quality battery charger and realize you need a good battery charger. So if eventually you'll buy a good battery charger, why waste your money and buy both when you only have to buy good-quality one? You could always try the cheaper battery chargers and learn for yourself. We're not trying to sell anyone to make them spend more money. Yes, we are an online retailer but we're also honest people and to some that means something. So don't feel bad. Even for a few of us here at Vape Royalty, we too have learned the hard way about buying a cheap battery charger.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Mechanical Mod
When Mechanical Mods are manufactured, they use machining oil. Dirt and dust from the warehouse sticks to the oil residue from the machining oil. Finding machining oil and/ or dust on your brand new mod is extremely common. Some customers at times believe their new Mechanical Mod has defects or issues when in reality, they didn't know you are supposed to clean their Mechanical Mods prior to using them. Issues such as crunchy or overly tight threads, voltage drop, or poor conductivity are almost always a direct result of lack of cleaning a Mechanical Mod. It's also important to clean your Mechanical Mod from time to to as juice is a great adhesive for dirt and debris build-up.

General Mechanical Mod Cleaning Guide
Not every mod is the same, therefore, the example below should be used as a general guide and is mostly geared towards Mechanical Mods. Please remember this Mechanical Mod Cleaning Guide should be used for demonstrative purposes only and to help you better understand the concept of cleaning your Mechanical Mod. Vape Royalty LCC and VapeRoyalty.com assumes no liability for injuries, damages, and/or losses that may occur as a result of following the instructional steps in this guide, therefore, by following these instructions you are doing this at your own risk.


What You Will Need

  • Microfiber Towel or Paper Towels*
  • 91% Rubbing Alcohol (lower than 91% is fine but may require a few additional passes)
  • Q-Tips

*Some people say using paper products such as paper towels will scratch the tube's surface. #1 we're not cleaning glass tubes or crystal chandeliers. To be be honest, if a paper towel is going to hurt the mod then wait until you start using it for a few months and see what your own self does to it. We know what it's like to get a new mod and how careful you are in the beginning so as always, we're not forcing you to clean it this way or could use microfiber towels. This is only a guide not a mod bible :) In addition, avoiding swirls is almost impossible nor have any of us ever seen a paper towel make swirls on a mod. When in doubt, use a microfiber towel but if you're afraid of using paper products, it will be near impossible to clean the contact pins without using a Q-Tip without having to disassemble the atomizer top cap and button.

Fast & Easy Steps

  • Step 1 Un-thread the button, tubes, etc, so that your mechanical mod looks like the picture above
  • Step 2 Use your microfiber towel or paper towel that is damped in rubbing alcohol and figures A, B, D, E, and F in picture above

A- Clean the under-side of the contact pin
B- Clean the button firing pin
D- Clean the inside of all of the tubes, not just the one shown in the picture
E- Clean threads on both sides on all of the tubes
F- Clean the outside of all of the tubes 

  • Step 3 Use your Q-Tip that is damped in rubbing alcohol to clean the top of the contact pin in figure A
  • Step 4 Wait 15-20 minutes to ensure the rubbing alcohol on your mechanical mod is dry. When in doubt, wait longer. Rubbing alcohol tends to dry VERY quickly but for those of us that overdo everything, just be patient or go back over everything with dry towels and/or dry Q-Tips.

Quick Tip
While you're cleaning away, clean the bottom threads of your RDA/RBA to ensure ultimate conductivity with your mechanical mod's atomizer contact pin.

Mechanical Mods Tarnish
Some mods are made of metals that tarnish such as Copper and Brass. Although we try to buff and polish them from time to time, something small such as our QA Department touching the Mods when their are going through their QC checks can tarnish the Mods. Tarnish also occurs overtime. Most of the time when our shipments leave our warehouse, the Mechanical Mods look near perfect. During transit to the customer, the tarnish builds-up from the time it was touched during it's QC Check by our QA Department. And again, some customers who are not familiar with Copper and Brass sometimes believe their mod had scratches and/or in general just are upset their mod isn't perfectly shiny. Or for those of you in general who adore the look of polished Copper or Brass, an important rule of thumb is keep up on polishing your mod. It isn't unusual to not have the time or forget to polish your Copper or Brass Mechanical Mod and when you do polish it, it's not exactly the same as it was when it was new so if you want that perfectly polished look then keep up on polishing your mod and polish it on a regular basis, starting on the first day you receive your mod, when it is still brand new. Please keep in mind that due to the buffing compound found in metal polish, polishing your mod can cause slight swirling in the metal. This is normal and unavoidable if you want a polished, untarnished mod. But for the majority of us, we add our own additional swirls in from general use so as long as our Mods are just as effective, we're not staring at it under bright light, and aren't looking at our Mods at the perfect angle to where we can see them, we'll probably never notice they exist. After all, they're just Mods, not diamond rings :) And in case you're wondering what to use to polish your mod, the big industry secret ingredient is a Micro Fiber Towel and a can of Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish. And remember, don't ever polish the inside of you Mechanical Mod, it's threads, contact pins, etc. Only Polish the exterior surfaces such as the exterior of the tube(s)and button.

How Often Should You Clean And/Or Polish You Mechanical Mod
We recommend cleaning your Mechanical Mod twice a month if you are using your Mechanical Mod on a regular, every day basis. This will help against dirt, debris, tarnish, and grime build-up but more importantly cleaning your mechanical mod will increases the conductivity.