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Custom Bling Box Mod Crystallized Variable Voltage Mod Crystallized VV Mod Box eJuice Bling We've have hand created Bling and 3D Bling for some of the most top notch, A-listers in the entertainment industry and even in the racing industry. Time after time we've had huge names swarm around us at events, trying to bid money on our personal vapes and accessories. Admires turn into clients because they know our Bling and 3D Bling creations not only look great, but they are quality-made, durable, unique, and one of a kind.

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    Our Experience in Custom Bling

Common issues with many bling items are the 3D decorations and crystals generally fall off within the first few days. I mean we all know what it's like to buy a bling cell phone case. It looks cute for a few days before it quickly disintegrates into a blank hardshell case. Not to say our items don't require care because they do as crystals themselves are very delicate but we have formulated our own special glue to further extend the durability of our custom bling vapes, mods, and vape accessories. In addition, although vaporizers used in conjunction with e-Liquid has only been around for a handful of years, each member in our Custom Bling Department including the ones who actually custom crystallize our Vape Bling and even our Creative Designers all have years upon years of experience and history in creating Custom Bling and 3D Bling items. We don't just hire someone based on who will accept the least amount of pay and output the most amount of items. We care more about the person's attention to detail, knowledge of raw materials, and their experience in not just bling in general but in their history of creating custom bling items.

So long story short, if our bling wasn't up to par I don't think we would have clients such as professional race teams that hire us to bling the interiors of their professional competition cars, especially when those cars take a beating on a daily basis (:

     Custom Vape Bling Raw Materials and Supplies

For the most part, all of our raw materials are imported as many crystals come from other countries. We do not, however, use Chinese crystals. Clone mods are one thing, clone crystals are a whole different mess, which is why we stick to only the best. The Crystals we use are a mix of Swarovski Crystals and Glass DMC Crystals which are the highest quality crystal next to Swarovski. DMC crystals are 12 facted cut, just like Swarovski so by blending the two 50/50, we can deliver the most luxurious sparkling vapes while still being able to keep the price affordable. We also offer full Swarovski crystallized items, however, keep in mind, if you are on a strict budget, unfortunately this will not be the best option. For our decorative 3D pieces believe it or not, we personally hand create more than 80% of them ourselves using only the finest supplies that we import from Japan. Last but not least, the adhesive we use is our own proprietary weld-like glue we formulated ourselves.


All Custom Vape Bling is quoted separately. If you inquire about a Custom Bling Vape Pen, then the pricing is for only the Custom Bling Vape Pen, therefore, if you need chargers, a tank, a vape case, etc, those would be purchased separately. We can include all of the additional items into your Custom Vape Bling Order, however, they are not included in the price of the Custom Vape Bling item.

Custom Vape Bling is exactly that. It's custom. The pricing is all based upon what it is you want to be done to the Vape device, the amount of surface space we will need to custom crystallized (hints; a mod is more expensive than a vape pen), the labor involved in creating your order, and the raw materials you want included in your design. In addition, once the Creative Designer you are working with knows which device you are interested in us creating for you, they will go over what you have, want, and/or need to ensure you either purchase or are aware of everything you need in order to use your Custom Vape Bling device.

To give you an example of our pricing, Custom Bling 1100mah Vapes start at $80.00 which includes the price of the battery and basic designs and crystal colors. Our Custom Bling Tanks, Mods, Custom Bling Cases, etc will all vary since all Tanks, Mods, Cases, and Accessories have different amounts of surface space and each one is different and requires different amounts of time needed to bling them. Once you finalize your design with one of our Creative Designers, at that time they will then give you your final order summary with the details of your design for all of your items and the pricing will all be broken down.

Creating Custom Vape Bling is extremely labor intensive and requires at least 8-10 dedicated hours per device, and even longer for layered Vape Bling. Considering the amount of time our Creative Designers spend helping you design your Vape Bling, the time our Custom Vape Bling Department spends creating your order, the high-quality materials we use, and the precision we deliver with all of our Custom Bling items, our pricing is extremely reasonable. But please do not confuse reasonable with cheap. There is nothing cheap about Vape Royalty nor our Custom Vape Bling. The raw materials we use are not cheap, the employees in our Custom Bling Department aren't cheap, and the finish result of our work never looks cheap. Our Vape Bling is reasonable for what you receive, but our Vape Bling is not for everyone. If you want something high-quality made by the highest skilled team and from the originators of Vape Bling, we are those people. If you want a Mod with all 3 tubes fully Custom Bling'd in Pink Crystals but you're looking to spend no more than $120.00, we probably aren't the best match for your budget.

     What Increases the Price of a Custom Bling Order

Most Crystal and Pearl colors do not increase the price of your Custom Vape Bling Order and you may choose as many colors as you'd like. We also do not charge additional for using large crystals which are significantly higher in raw material cost over small and medium sized crystals. Using a variety of various sized crystals also takes much longer to apply than using the same size crystals throughout. This is especially true when creating a design such as leopard print, zebra print, etc, however, we also offer this complimentary as we feel using a wide range of crystal sizes is necessary in creating depth which gives that beautiful custom 3D effect we are known for. We do charge additional for certain materials if you choose to include them in your design. Those items are listed below;

Crystals and Pearls that have a significantly higher raw material cost;
Designs made entirely of Swarovski Crystals (please view 'Custom Vape Raw Materials and Supplies to learn more on the crystals we use unless the customer states otherwise) and design that include premium colors such as pink crystals, AB crystals, purple crystals, our custom metallic silver pearls, our custom metallic gold pearls, and AB pearls all have an additional charge as these crystals and pearls have a much higher cost (5x more) than other colors. It may seem strange that the color can make a different in price but the truth is it's always been that way. If all crystals had the same cost, we would have no reason to charge   

Other Items that increase the cost of a Custom Vape Bling Order;
3D Bling such as spikes, mirrors, studs, mirrors, bows, heart or star shaped pearls, etc all naturally will also have an additional charge and the charge is based on the amount of pieces you want added into your design and we will let you know how many pieces we will need to use in order to achieve your desired results. The increase in price is due to the high-quality materials we use such as genuine 304 grade stainless steel spikes, genuine brass and stainless studs, real glass mirrors, 3D pieces imported from Japan, and so on. We don't use chrome or gold coated plastic spikes or studs which would be cheaper in cost and cheaper to ship since they are lighter because overtime, the paint would chip off and the vape would have a poor appearance. We take pride in our work and we pour our hearts and a lot of love into our Vape Bling and wouldn't put our names on anything less than a quality made creation.

    Lead Time / Ship Date

All custom orders are made by hand. It's a labor intensive and detailed process. In addition, our special formulated glue takes a few days for the glue to cure on top of all the time it takes for us to add all the bling on your items in your order. Although we have a whole department dedicated to Custom Bling, it's still not an overnight process. In addition, each person is unique in the way and style they create Custom Bling items. For consistency and quality, we dedicate the best person according to your design to Custom Bling your entire order start to finish. Most Bling Vapes take around 7-10 business days and Custom Bling Mods take a few business days additional. It really all depends on what all you order. But don't worry, once our Creative Designer finalized your design with you, they will go over your individual estimated ship date before you order will ship.


Shipping is always separate and is not included in the price of Custom Vape Bling Items. Once you have finalized your Custom Vape Bling Design with one of our Creative Designers, they will send you a summary with the pricing for each item. At that time, they will also give you a quote for your Custom Vape Bling Items as well as for the Shipping.

    Our Vape Bling R&D & QA

Our QA Department tests and inspect each little piece our Custom Bling orders prior to our department adding Bling and also after your order is completed to ensure everything works exactly how it is supposed regardless if it has Bling. Our Custom Bling Department Manager also inspects each item to ensure all of the Bling is secure on the item(s) and to ensure nothing is missing to the design.

But our QA does not start there. Vape Royalty does a complete thorough R&D on each and every product we offer as we are a firm believer in doing things right the first time. Some of the newcomers, smaller companies, or companies who have 'jumped on the bandwagon' with vaporizers to make a quick buck have no real knowledge or experience of how to perform proper R&D on vaporizer batteries or products nor do they know how to test the difference between cheap low-grade and quality high-grade products. Make sure when choosing a vape company that you take a look at what they carry. If they started out carrying another product, for example apparel, and now all of a sudden started carrying Bling Vapes, if they only carry a few styles of Bling Vapes, or if they only carry Bling Vapes and nothing else vape-related, then chances are they don't buy quality batteries and atomizer tanks and they don't have the knowledge or experience in properly QC'ing their vape products. And even then, not all companies have the same quality control with their products or the same practices and procedures that we see as necessary. Choosing a company who has years upon years in QA is not only important when choosing vaping products, but it's important when trying to figure out which companies you can trust.

Similar to the R&D we do on our Bling raw materials, before we ever touch any item and add Bling to it, every product is carefully tested for durability, workmanship, and the quality of each product as we all know, looks are not everything. We also don't buy things because they are the cheapest and get the job done. We go through dozens of products each day and the ones we wouldn't dare use ourselves go straight into the reject pile which are donated or occasionally used as paperweights. Sure it's a lot of time, energy, and money, but we see it as a smart investment. Offering poor quality items regardless of how great they look only creates upset customers and is overall not what we stand for.

    Custom Vape Bling Discounts

Due to the overwhelming yet amazingly fantastic demand in our Custom Bling Items, it is currently impossible for us to be able to offer any type of discount on any of our Custom Bling Items. Our Custom Bling Department will also not work for at a discounted salary either so unfortunately that plays into the pricing as well.

    Custom Vape Bling Handbook

Our Ultimate Vape Bling Handbook with everything you ever needed to know and more can be found on our Vape Bling Guide page. For additional questions regarding our Vape Bling, please fill out of the contact for below and be sure to include your name and order number if you're inquiring regarding an existing order.


For Vape Bling Wholesale Inquires, please visit our Wholesale Website, RoyaltyVapeWholesale.com. Please advise that Wholesale Custom Vape Bling does are MOQs per item in order to qualify for Wholesale Vape Bling pricing. Vape Bling requires our department to custom crystallized vape gear by hand which is a labor intensive and costly process. The only way it's possible for us to be able to offer a Wholesale discount on hand-made items is if we we make them multiples. By making multiples of these items at the same time, we already have all of the crystals, pearls, etc, out and ready which makes it somewhat faster and more efficient of a process for our department to Custom Bling these items.

'Wholesale' refers to buying in bulk, therefore, Wholesale pricing is not offered in quantities of 1 as that is not technically a wholesale order, regardless if you have a business license. We do, however, work with you as we know many small and newly established shops also want to be able to offer our Custom Vape Bling to their customers. We are more than willing to work with most customers and help you grow your business. We are very understanding and encourage you to contact us using the contact form below if you have any questions. Please be advise that we may not be able to always offer you a deep discount on very small Custom Vape Bling Wholesale orders. We ask you to keep in mind we have a high cost associated in creating our Custom Vape Bling and we do need to be fair to our other wholesale customers who currently place Custom Vape Bling orders in high volume.