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Crystallized Herb Vape Kits

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♥All Crystallized Dry Herb Vapes in this Category are Sold as Complete Kits♥

Unless Stated Otherwise in the Product Description

Here are the necessary steps you need to do with your material when using our Bling Herb Vape Pen Kits;

  • You want to start out with fairly dry material. If it's not dry, let it sit out for a bit. Too moist and it won't vaporize correctly. Most people use very fresh and moist material. For herb vape pens, you actually want them dry and not sticky at all.
  • The material must be ground very fine. Usually we recommend to grind it down to almost a powder. This is how these chambers were designed to work. This is probably the most important key to using an herb vape pen. Many people think they have it ground down enough but when they aren't getting vapor production, 90% of the time it's because they haven't ground the material fine enough. You will need a decent grinder for this. Also, the finer it ground, the more vapor production you will get. But keep in mind, the vapor production on herb vape pens is nothing close to the amount you would get with a vape pen tank made for e-juice. So if you're not getting any or enough vapor production, grind it more finely.
  • You then want to pack the chamber gently so you don't completely flatten the coil but enough to be packed down into the coil. You don’t wanna press it down so hard that it blocks the airflow, but you don’t want it too loose either. You want your herb to stay firmly in place without you touching it if that makes sense.
  • You also want the chamber to be packed full. If your material is loose in the oven it won’t be thoroughly and evenly heated. This goes hand in hand with grinding the material fine, because if you pack tight with coarse material, you will restrict the airflow.

In summary, start with dry material, grind your material very fine, make sure the chamber is full, make sure the chamber is packed well.