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2Piece Wide Bore Drip Tips

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2-Piece Drip Tip Are Drip Tips That Consists of 2 Pieces In Which Both Of The 2 Pieces Are Press Fit And May Be Used Either Together (2 Pieces Stacked) or Separately (1 Piece By Itself)


Now Don't Let Drip Tips That Come With a Delrin Cup Confuse You With 2-Piece Drip Tips. In Theory, If You Really Wanted To You Could Use a Delrin Cup as a Drip Tip and Of Course You Can Remove the Delrin Cup From the Drip Tip and The Drip Tip by Itself, However, Just Because a Drip Tip Comes with a Delrin Cup Doesn't Mean They Are Classified as 2-Piece Drip Tips. There is 1 Exception and That's If The Delrin Cup That Comes With The Drip Tip is Made To Be Used As a Drip Tip on It's Own In Which the Delrin Cup Will Be Thick and Non-Flimsy. 


2-Piece Style Drip Tips are not only an exceptionally great deal since you essentially get 2 shorty drip tips for the price of 1 (since they are sold as a 2-piece set), but they're also a brilliant idea. One of the best features of 2-Piece Drip Tips is you can mix & match them according to your various setups. If only 1 piece of your 2-Piece Drip Tip matches the setup you want to use or if you want to use your drip tip in stealth mode, aka a super short wide bore drip tip, either way you're good to go!