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Vape Royalty 2-Tone Nemesis Mod by HCigar

RRP: $48.99
$39.99 (You save $9.00)
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In Stock

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Orders with Magnet Kits Please Advise :
Your Magnet Kit(s) Will be Attached to Your Packing Slip

Product Description

The Newest Addition to Our Custom Family!

Vape Royalty Edition 2-Tone Nemesis Mods

by HCigar


Yes, we know what you're thinking. Vape Royalty has their our own versions of a clone. The idea sounds funny we know. But before you form an opinion aside from the fact of how gorgeous these Nemesis Mods look, here are some more details on what exactly you're getting and at the fantastic price you're getting it at!

vape royalty nemesis

The Vape Royalty 2-Tone Nemesis Mods by HCigar are not only unique, but they are superior in quality. They both are made with 100% stainless steel and 100% brass. There is no chrome or brass-plating what so ever, only brass and stainless steel 100% throughout the entire mod and hardware so every piece of the outside matches it's core. The only acceptions are the contact pins of course as they are silver. The Vape Royalty 2-Tone Nemesis Mods come with 3 battery tubes so you can easily change the length of your mod and to have the ability to use of three different batteries sizes; 18350, 18500, and 18650 without having to purchase anything additional or worrying about finding matching tubes in the future.

hcigar gold and silver nemesis

The main tube on the Vape Royalty 2-Tone Nemesis Mods by HCigar feature the famous Nemesis logo laser etched engraving on the Nemesis Mod's Full Two-Tone body. And like any exclusive mod, each one of the HCigar Two-Tone Nemesis mods has an individual serial number laser etched engraved on the body tube as well. The Vape Royalty 2-Tone Nemesis Mods by HCigar both come with hard-hitting silver-plated contact pins to further perfect the overall consistency that these amazingly built mods feature. 

But they don't just look good, these Vape Royalty 2-Tone Nemesis Mods by HCigar hit like the freight train that's lasered on their buttons! A winning blend of luxury, quality, and style finally at a price we can all justify and afford.

hcigar twotone nemesis clone





We Think the Ultimate Decision Is…

Which One Will You Get?





Vape Royalty Nemesis Mods by HCigar Includes / Features;

  • 100% Brass and 100% Stainless 2-Tone Body 
  • 100% Brass and Stainless Steel Hardware  
  • No Circuit Board (True Mechanical Mod)
  • 100% Brass or Stainless Steel Kick Beauty Ring 
  • Laser Etched Engraving and Logos
  • Laser Etched Engraved Individual Serial Number 
  • Silver-Plated Firing Contact Pin
  • Adjustable Silver-Plated Atomizer Contact Pin
  • Bottom Firing Button with Locking Feature 
  • Adjustable Air Flow Control Ring
  • 3 Nemesis Tubes for 18350, 18500, and 18650 Batteries
  • 510 Atomizer Connection
  • HCigar Box
  • hcigar-vr-nemesis-cloneBrass on Stainless Steel
hcigar-nemesis-cloneStainless Steel on Brass
General Tips 
  • Always Insert the Positive Side of the Battery into the tube FIRST! So if your mod was sitting on a table, the positive side of the battery would be facing up and the negative side of the battery should be facing down towards the button (Just like any mod, failing to properly insert your battery will kill your mod)
  • Always Use Protected Batteries from reputable brands such as AW or eFest.
  • Buying a clone mod does not mean buy a clone battery will work the same too. Failure to use the correct battery will destroy your mod and if it hasn't destroyed your mod already but it's not firing or the button is wobbly, this is 100% why. If you need batteries we offer a variety of Authentic AW IMR sizes here -> AW IMR Batteries
  • The Beauty Ring is also known as the kick ring. It is meant to be ran with a kick chip. Always run a kick chip with the kick ring when using unprotected batteries. Running a kick ring without a kick chip will cause your button to fire 'crunchy' (If you look at our main picture of the Nemesis mod, in the very middle you will see a shiny chrome ring. That is where the Beauty Ring is located)
  • Prior to using your Vape Royalty Nemesis Mod by HCigar, we suggest cleaning the contact pin, firing pin, tube threads, as well as the inside of all of the tubes. To clean simply remove the contact pin from the mod and thoroughly clean the contact pin, firing pin, threads, and inside of the mod tubes with a microfiber towel and standard rubbing alcohol to remove the manufacturing oil which will decrease the conductivity (aka decrease the resistance/drop voltage
Please Note 
  • Although this Vape Royalty Two-Tone Nemesis Mod by HCigar is unique, it is still considered a 1:1 Clone 

Warranty Information

This item is for advanced users only. Each one has been inspected to be cosmetically defect-free and in working condition. We also disassemble each mod to ensure all of the hardware, springs, pins, etc are perfect and are included. Each mod has been hand polished, therefore, it is normal for slight swirls and/ or the occasional slight imperfections to be visible on these mods due to their hand finish. This same thing goes for every mod out there including the genuine version of these mods as well. As many of you advanced users know, if a mod is truly hand polished, then occasionally they will have slight imperfections. For those of you who are new to mechanical mods you will also see this same disclaimer on most all of the genuine mod manufacture's official websites. Please be advised it does not affect the performance or operation ability of the mod in any way, and for these reasons we will not accept returns or exchanges.

This product does not have a manufacture warranty against manufacture defects as it does not contain a circuit board that can fail, therefore, for this item, all sales are final. For more information please see our Terms & Returns Page. Feel free to ask us any further questions regarding this product by using our Contact Us page.

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  1. Great mechanical, as far as I'm concerned.

    Posted by Chance on 17th Apr 2014

    Purchased this as my second mechanical. My first was a stainless Nemesis from Kidney Puncher. Although the KP model (not sure of manufacture) is great, outside of the very top threads sitting SLIGHTLY off center... Vape Royalty's knocks it out of the park. Finish, engravings, threading, button (especially with magnets) are all perfect to me. Vape Royalty also shipped extremely fast. You won't be disappointed.

  2. Wow! This is a clone? Best Nemesis I've Used!

    Posted by Ryan on 27th Mar 2014

    This is a fantastic product. The threads were machined very well and are extremely smooth. The finish looks flawless. The stock spring was actually good (although I installed magnets right out of the box). No fitment issues. Very low voltage drop. Overall just a SUPERB product. I was blown away by the quality of this clone.

    My only gripe is that the firing pin tends to become unscrewed after a while, but I can fix that without much of an issue.

    If you are on the fence about this product, DON'T BE! Best clone I own, and maybe the best overall mod I own.

  3. What the HCigar SHOULD be...

    Posted by Tim on 24th Feb 2014

    The additions VapeRoyalty make to the HCigar Nemesis clone is fantastic! I was a bit skeptical before receiving my order, but right out of the box the difference were apparent. REAL brass components! A tremendous upgrade over the "gold plated" hardware that comes from HCigar.

    My only complaint is that I didn't order my Stainless Steel Nemesis from VapeRoyalty!

  4. The good outweigh the bad.

    Posted by Mark on 24th Feb 2014

    SS on Brass w/o Magnetic Switch
    • Looks and feels great.
    • Silver plated pins seem to get power to the coil a bit faster with a harder hit. I’ve noticed that I change batteries less, due to this.
    • Smooth, fine threading on both tubes and switch with no scratchy sounds or squeaks.
    • Solid SS and brass parts--with exception of beauty ring and locking switch. These parts are quite thin and feel like they are prone to bending or breaking if care is not taken.
    • Adjustable firing and atomizer pins allow for more flexibility with different atomizer and battery type set ups.
    • When adjusted properly, there is zero battery rattle.
    • Adjustable air flow holes for atomizers that draw air from the base.
    • Loose, coarse threading on firing and atomizer pin.
    o When unscrewing the battery tube, the battery could “catch” on these pins and cause them to unscrew, effectively pressing them against the battery as you attempt to loosen the battery tube (this happened twice to me). Since the threading on the pin is coarser than the threading on the tubing, the pin will unscrew faster than the outer tubing. When this happened, I was unable to remove my dead battery, until I got to a screwdriver that allowed me to back off the atomizer pin off the battery via the 510 connection. As soon as I backed it off, the tube was free and I removed the battery.
    o Also, due to the coarse threading of the pins, they become very wobbly the more you adjust them out. This could cause a lot of play in the switch and cause the switch to catch when firing.
    • The spring is not very strong and may not be able to hold the weight of the device without firing while standing unlocked (I remedied this by removing the beauty ring, which allowed me to shorten the device enough to compress the spring more).
    • This device will tarnish very quickly, and you will need some sort of metal polishing compound or cloth to get it to shine again, without scratching it.
    Overall, this is a very nice looking, feeling and performing device, at a great price. While there may be a few hiccups or even design flaws, I don’t think that they outweigh the good things for me, at this price-point. I would recommend this to an intermediate vaper that likes to experiment and fiddle with his/her devices and vape setups.

  5. Beautiful as Expected <3

    Posted by Bri Blair on 13th Feb 2014

    I waited about a month to order my nemesis because, as an avid Vaper, I didn't know if I was ready to jump into the mechanical world... Saying that I really love this product :D it's sleek, beautifully crafted and hits smoothly. I ordered it with the magnet kit as advised by a friend but I feel it's just as smooth without the magnets as my friends is with his magnets :) My only complaints were (if I could find any) a small discoloration mark on my firing buttons side that was on it out of box and that the magnets haven't wanted to cooperate with me yet. Overall it's a beautifully crafted piece that I would choose over my best friends nemesis any day.

  6. Beware of fake HCigar from other sites and buy this

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Feb 2014

    I never write product reviews but I had to write this. I bought so called "HCigar" Nemi from another well known online vendor. When I got it, it came in Nemesis box and the quality was "FastTech" crap. Contacted the vendor and was told they got them directly from HCigar. I was initially thinking, maybe the product quality has dropped. But I decided to give VR a chance. I placed the order and got it literally the next day.
    VR HCigar came in HCigar box (which was a good sign) and I was ready to compare the two under the magnifying glass. Well, no need for that. As soon as you touch it, you can "feel" the quality of VR HCigar. Threads, button, finish..etc They are literally a different mod.
    Don't waste your time and money with other sites. VR is only one with real HCigar Nemi.

  7. Freight Train... I mean Nemesis.

    Posted by David on 25th Jan 2014

    This thing is a work of art. Build quality is amazing. It hits like a freight train! With the magnets the switch is very nice and puts my other mods to shame. When I ordered it was shipped the same day and arrived at my home 2 days later. If you are thinking about getting this mechanical mod... Just do it. You will not be disappointed. Just be sure to clean it as it will ship with machine grease. Just be sure to clean inside and out (don't forget the threads and inside the switch). After a good cleaning it is an amazing mod and I'm happy to have it in my vape arsenal.

  8. Glad to do business

    Posted by Dakota on 23rd Jan 2014

    I'm very happy with my nemesis. I purchased the stainless on brass with magnet kit. The only thing I don't like is the the stainless doesn't all match the lock ring and firing button are noticeably different so I sandblasted both pieces and now it's beautiful.:) highly recommend this amazing mod!


    Posted by RJ on 14th Jan 2014

    I love this mod... The threads are butter smooth, the magnet switch upgrade took 2min and was easy to follow a simple youtube vid to setup, it looks and feels substantial, the air holes on top are great and adjustable for if your on the go and want to pop on something like a protank, the lock is trusty on the switch, and its absolutely gorgeous! Can't say enough about this mod. It fires well and strong, can mount everything flush on it, etc etc... Don't hesitate, this is the one. :)

  10. This things awesome!!!

    Posted by Phil on 3rd Jan 2014

    I had bought another one from somewhere else and I was disappointed to find out it was not a legit HCigar Nemesis clone. After recieving this one it was obvious that the HCigar Nemesis was superior in finish and operation. Smooth firing button and looks sweet in the two-tone. I would highly recommend this and will.

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