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Mods 101

What is a Mechanical Mod? What's Up With the Huge Mechanical Mod Craze? Why Do So Many People Want Mechanical Mods So Bad? What the Heck is the Difference between a Mod and a Mechanical Mod? 

We get these questions -> A LOT! And we will tell you 1 thing to start …Believe the Hype!

Here are ALL of the Details!

Welcome To Mods 101

There are 2 types of Mods. Regulated such as our Mini eVic, and Unregulated Mods such as our HCigar Nemesis Nemesis Mod.

With Mechanical Mods, although you don't get a fancy LCD screen with a hit counter like most VV/VW Mods feature, mechanical mods do have many advantages. When switching over from a VV/VW mod to a Mechanical Mod or when comparing the two, you can almost think of it as switching from an automatic transmission to a manual transmission. While it's a little bit more work, you have a lot more control. 

Most mechanical mod don't come with a battery. If it does, use a reputable band such as Sony or eFest Batteries and make sure you know which mods work best with which batteries. We can't stress this enough. 99.9% of the people that complain about battery fitment are either using cheap non-name battery or their using a battery that doesn't fit well with the mod they purchased so when in doubt, ask! We're nice people and always more than willing to help you get the right setup.

If you don't already have a battery and you plan to purchase both your mod and battery/ batteries from us, all of our mechanical mods with the exception of the ones that use 26650 batteries, have no issue using any of our Flat Top eFest Batteries.


General Steps on How to Clean Your Mechanical Mod

Here is an example of how to clean your mechanical mod. When Mechanical Mods are manufactured, they use machining oil. Dirt and dust from the warehouse sticks to the oil residue from the machining oil. Finding machining oil and/ or dust on your brand new mod is extremely common. Remember, buying online is different from a retail store. Although we fully inspect each mod, we don't buff and polish them to set them out for display. For these reasons we recommend cleaning your mechanical mod prior to using it for the first time. We also recommend doing up keeps by cleaning it about twice a month if you are using your mechanical mod every day. This will help against grime build-up but most importantly cleaning your mechanical mod will decrease the conductivity (aka decrease the resistance/drop voltage.)

 Please note this information is for demonstration purposes only. Vape Royalty does not hold any type of liability what-so-ever if you re-create this demonstration. We cannot control how you clean your mod or if you wait enough time for the mod to dry after cleaning before using it, therefore, by following these instructions you are doing this at your own risk.cleaning-a-nemesis-mod.jpg

 What You Will Need

  • *Microfiber Towel or Paper Towel 
  • 91% Rubbing Alcohol (lower % is ok, it just requires a few more passes)
  • Q-Tips

*Some people say using paper products such as paper towels will scratch the tube's surface. #1 we're not cleaning glass tubes or anything and to be honest, if a paper towel is going to hurt the mod then maybe a mod is not the thing for you. Avoiding swirls is almost impossible nor have any of us ever seen a paper towel make swirls on a mod. When in doubt, use a microfiber towel but if you're afraid of using paper products, good luck cleaning the contact pin without using a Q-Tip without having to disassemble the atomizer top cap.

Fast & Easy Steps

  • Step 1 Unscrew button, tubes, etc so that your mechanical mod looks like the picture above
  • Step 2 Use your microfiber towel or paper towel that is damped in rubbing alcohol and figures A, B, D, E, and F in picture above

A- Clean the under-side of the contact pin
B- Clean the button firing pin
D- Clean the inside of all of the tubes, not just the one shown in the picture
E- Clean threads on both sides on all of the tubes
F- Clean the outside of all of the tubes 

  • Step 3 Use your Q-Tip that is damped in rubbing alcohol to clean the top of the contact pin in figure A
  • Step 4 Wait 15-20 minutes to ensure the rubbing alcohol on your mechanical mod is dry. When in doubt, wait longer. Rubbing alcohol tends to dry VERY quickly but for those of us that overdo everything, just be patient and wait or go back over everything with dry towels and dry Q-Tips.

Quick Tip
While you're cleaning away, clean the bottom threads of your RDA/RBA to ensure ultimate conductivity with your mechanical mod's atomizer contact pin.