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Mods 101

What is a Mechanical Mod? What's Up With the Huge Mechanical Mod Craze? Why Do So Many People Want Mechanical Mods So Bad? What the Heck is the Difference between a Mod and a Mechanical Mod? 

We get these questions -> A LOT! And we will tell you 1 thing to start …Believe the Hype!

Here are ALL of the Details!

Welcome To Mods 101

There are 2 types of Mods. Regulated such as our Mini eVic, and Unregulated Mods such as the Kamry K101 and the Nemesis Mod.

Mechanical mods are unregulated mods that operate by point of contact, therefore, the device is powered by the battery touching the contacts in the unit. Mechanical mods do not use a circuit board nor do they have any wiring. The output voltage of a mechanical mod will vary according to different factors such as the size of battery that is being used or if the battery is fully charged or not.

Think of a regulated mod as a car's Rev Limiter. Motors use what is called a rev limiter which holds you back from over-revving your engine past it's recommended limits. When you press the button on a Regulated Mod, you feel vapor clouds slowing filling up your mouth. An Unregulated Mod AKA Mechanical Mod is the 'turbocharged' version of a mod. Each time you press the button on a Mechanical Mod, it feels like turbo'd vapor clouds are pouring or blowing into your mouth.

Because Mechanical Mods are unregulated, they are designed to use protected Li-Ion batteries. The protected Li-Ion batteries is the 'engine's rev limiter' aspect of the mechanical mod. Using unprotected batteries can cause short circuit, over current, overheating, and explosion of the li-ion battery. 

Some Mechanical Mods, such as the Kamry K101 come with Kick Protection Chip which allow unregulated batteries to be used in the Kamry K101 as long as the unregulated battery is being used in conjuction with the Kick Protection Chip.

So in all, although you don't get a fancy LCD screen with a hit counter, and extra add-on features like the regulated mods generally have, mechanical mods are a lot more suitable for people who need a more durable mods, want to have the ability to run RDAs, and/ or have the desire to make huge clouds of vapor.

Some more words of advise, if your mechanical mod comes with a battery and a kick pretection chip then you are good to go. If it does, only use AW or eFest Batteries. We can't stress this enough. Maybe people complain about battery fitment and 99.9% of those complainers are using cheap non-name batteries. There is an old saying, a good deal is a good deal, but it it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You get what you pay for. 

p.s. If your desire or goal so to speak is in fact making huge clouds of vapor a Rebuildable Atomizer paired with a Mechanical Mod is your best best. Some Mechanical Mods, such as the Kamry KTS or Elite Hybrid Mod comes with both! For the most advanced users, a King Mod or Nemesis Mod paired with an RDA would probably be your first pick. 

Why Do We Carry Both Clones AND Genuine Mods? 

First of all, we'd like to clear one thing up. Everything in our store is genuine unless stated otherwise! We carry A LOT more Genuine products than we will ever carry of clones. We only have a few clones which state it clearly on the product page. We tossed around the idea of carrying clones for a LONG TIME because we knew if we carried any type of clones, or even 1 clone, people would bash us for it and assume, all we do is carry clones. The truth is, just because you can't afford or source a genuine mod, doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to buy one. Many of our customers are willing to spend the money on a genuine mod and simply can't get their hands on one and almost 25% of the customers we have personally spoke to already own a genuine mod but want a clone to be able to take out and not have to worry about scratching it or losing it. I mean hey, it's a lot easier to accept you went out for the weekend and lost your clone or scratched it all up vs. scratching or losing your genuine Caravela, King, Nemesis, etc. Those same customers want a GOOD Clone because let's face it. It's like carrying around an obviously fake designer purse. You know the ones that have like "LVL" logo print?! No one thinks those look hot and they're straight up embarrassing! For those reasons, we carry clones. We do what our customers ask. How can you blame us? If you received hundreds of the same email requests from loyal, returning customers, I think you would do the same, so shame on us for trying to make everyone happy :)

But to answer the ignorant questions we tend to get, here it is -> No everything we carry is not a clone! Everything we carry is 100% Direct Source from the Manufacture unless otherwise stated on the product page itself. And c'mon, it's not like we carry cheesy odd-ball clones. At least we carry the top-of-the-line, most high-end clones money can buy.  

Why Aren't Our Clone Prices the Same as Fasttech?

#1 We Pay for Our Clones to be Air-Freighted to the USA. No mods Stuck in Customs, No Waiting and Not Knowing Where Your Package is, Just a Quick USPS Shipment Away! And We Even Offer USPS Priority Mail Shipping. 30-45 days wait vs. 1-5. (p.s. 5 days is really rare!)

So for those who have yelled at Fasttech, have emailed or messaged them and have yet to hear a reply from them, or finally got your mod after waiting months, give them a break-> You get what you pay for!

#2 The Quality is different. Our Clones are Copies of the Geniune Mod. Unlike others who carry a Clone of a Clone of a Clone of a Clone of a Clone. If we say Stainless Steel, we mean 100% Stainless Steel throughout. Not Chrome-Plated Brass. And if we say Silver-Plated Stainless Steel Contact Pins then that's what you're getting opposed to Chrome-Plated Brass Pins which actually raise the resistance. These are the things you don't think about until a year later when your mod has some wear on it and starts to look funny. Then you wonder why and think....why didn't I just pay a little more and get the nice one?! In fact, it will probably cost you more finding out you spent 'x' amount of money on junk rather than getting a nice one to begin with. 

We can assume the picture below does more explaining than words alone!


So for those of you who think they're going to pay $20-$30 plus FREE SHIPPING for a perfect 1 to 1 Fasttech Clone and get it in only a few days,...sorry to be the Grim Reaper but keep dreaming (:   

General Steps on How to Clean Your Mechanical Mod

Here is an example of how to clean your mechanical mod. When Mechanical Mods are manufactured, they use machining oil. Dirt and dust from the warehouse sticks to the oil residue from the machining oil. Finding machining oil and/ or dust on your brand new mod is extremely common. Remember, buying online is different from a retail store. Although we fully inspect each mod, we don't buff and polish them to set them out for display. For these reasons we recommend cleaning your mechanical mod prior to using it for the first time. We also recommend doing up keeps by cleaning it about twice a month if you are using your mechanical mod every day. This will help against grime build-up but most importantly cleaning your mechanical mod will decrease the conductivity (aka decrease the resistance/drop voltage.)

 Please note this information is for demonstration purposes only. Vape Royalty does not hold any type of liability what-so-ever if you re-create this demonstration. We cannot control how you clean your mod or if you wait enough time for the mod to dry after cleaning before using it, therefore, by following these instructions you are doing this at your own risk.cleaning-a-nemesis-mod.jpg

 What You Will Need

  • *Microfiber Towel or Paper Towel 
  • 91% Rubbing Alcohol (lower % is ok, it just requires a few more passes)
  • Q-Tips

*Some people say using paper products such as paper towels will scratch the tube's surface. #1 we're not cleaning glass tubes or anything and to be honest, if a paper towel is going to hurt the mod then maybe a mod is not the thing for you. Avoiding swirls is almost impossible nor have any of us ever seen a paper towel make swirls on a mod. When in doubt, use a microfiber towel but if you're afraid of using paper products, good luck cleaning the contact pin without using a Q-Tip without having to disassemble the atomizer top cap.

Fast & Easy Steps

  • Step 1 Unscrew button, tubes, etc so that your mechanical mod looks like the picture above
  • Step 2 Use your microfiber towel or paper towel that is damped in rubbing alcohol and figures A, B, D, E, and F in picture above

A- Clean the under-side of the contact pin
B- Clean the button firing pin
D- Clean the inside of all of the tubes, not just the one shown in the picture
E- Clean threads on both sides on all of the tubes
F- Clean the outside of all of the tubes 

  • Step 3 Use your Q-Tip that is damped in rubbing alcohol to clean the top of the contact pin in figure A
  • Step 4 Wait 15-20 minutes to ensure the rubbing alcohol on your mechanical mod is dry. When in doubt, wait longer. Rubbing alcohol tends to dry VERY quickly but for those of us that overdo everything, just be patient and wait or go back over everything with dry towels and dry Q-Tips.

Quick Tip
While you're cleaning away, clean the bottom threads of your RDAs to ensure it makes strong contact with your mechanical mod


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