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HCigar Nemesis Mod

RRP: $47.99
$31.99 (You save $16.00)
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In Stock

Other Details

Orders with Magnet Kits Please Advise :
Your Magnet Kit(s) Will be Attached to Your Packing Slip

Product Description

Believe the Hype!

This Incredible Mechanical Mod Lives Up to It's Name, So Get Ready to Finally Have a Mechanical Mod That NO ONE ELSE Has!

We Are Proud to be One of the ONLY Companies That Carries AUTHENTIC HCIGAR Nemesis Mods and to be Offering These to Our Fantastic Customers

The Details
The main tube on the Nemesis Mod features the famous Nemesis logo laser etched engraving on the mod's stainless steel body. And like any exclusive mod, each one of the Nemesis mods has an individual serial number laser etched engraved on the body tube as well.

The Nemesis mod comes with 3 battery tubes to be able to easily change the length of your mod and use different batteries sizes without having to purchase anything additional or worry about trying to find tubes that will match your Nemesis mod. This Stainless Steel Nemesis mod give you the ability to use of all three batteries; 18350, 18490/18500, and 18650. The Nemesis mod comes stock (the main body) as a 18350 battery tube so when you're ready to change the batteries and mod length to either an 18500 or 18650, you simply attach one of the included extension tubes and you're good to go!

The bottom button has an exquisite switch that easily fires as it was ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in your hand. The firing button is located at the bottom and has a locking feature that can be collapsed by tightening the locking ring all the way down. By locking the firing button, it conceals the batteries vent holes which is perfect for on-the-go Nemesis mod stealth mode. The top cap ring allows for adjustable air flow which is one of the most important features in any mechanical mod. Vape Royalty is the go to source for all of our HCigar Products. Vape Royalty is so well known for selling genuine HCigar products such as these Nemesis mods which is why you will find our description aka this one being copied by thousands of our competitors. So stop going back and forth in your head as to whether or not you're getting a genuine HCigar Nemesis and get it from Vape Royalty where you know it's real! 

Don't Want to Read Our Review Above? Here's the Fast Nemesis Mod Facts and Features;

  • Stainless Steel Body 
  • No Circuit Board (True Mechanical Mod) 
  • Laser Etched Engraving and Logo
  • Laser Etched Engraved Individual Serial Number 
  • Silver-Plated Firing Pin
  • Adjustable Silver-Plated Atomizer Contact Pin
  • Bottom Firing Button with Locking Feature 
  • Adjustable Air Flow Control Ring
  • 3 Stainless Steel Nemesis Tubes for 18350, 18500, and 18650 Batteries
  • 510 Atomizer Connection
  • HCigar Box
General Tips 
  • Always Insert the Positive Side of the Battery into the tube FIRST! So if your mod was sitting on a table, the positive side of the battery would be facing up and the negative side of the battery should be facing down towards the button (Just like any mod, failing to properly insert your battery will kill your mod)
  • Always Use Batteries from Reputable Brands Such as AW or eFest. Failure to Use These Batteries Can Result in Explosion and/ or Severe Incorrect Fitment. If your mod is not firing and you ARE NOT using AW or eFest Batteries, this IS the reason!
  • Never stack batteries
  • Most customers have found that if you are not running a kick chip, removing the Beauty Ring allows the button to fire easier. Only remove the kick beauty ring if you are using protected batteries. If you are not using protected batteries, always use the kick ring along with a kick chip (If you look at our main picture of the Nemesis mod, in the very middle you will see a shiny chrome ring. That is where the Beauty Ring is located)
  • Prior to using your Nemesis mod, we suggest cleaning the contact pin, firing pin, tube threads, as well as the inside of all of the tubes. To clean simply remove the contact pin from the mod and thoroughly clean the contact pin, firing pin, threads, and inside of the mod tubes with a microfiber towel and standard rubbing alcohol to remove the manufacturing oil which will decrease the conductivity (aka decrease the resistance/drop voltage
Please Note 
  • This Nemesis Mod is a 1:1 Clone, not a 1:10 Clone. It is a EXACT replica of the Nemesis Mod and the closest to the REAL DEAL money can buy. By holding, using, assembling, and dissembling both true and clone version you will find literally no difference in appearance or performance what so ever. Or at least we couldn't and we are experts in these mods. Each detail down to the engravings have been miked (measured) and found to be in the EXACT locations as the true Nemesis mod. Even if you were to already own a true Nemesis mod, and you came down to test both true and clone mod at our facility, there would be just as good of odds that you would purchase this clone as the true simply because you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. You could even flaunt around your new Nemesis Clone and hang out with a friend that has a real one and no one would ever know the difference. It really is just that good. The reason we offer the clone version is for the simple fact that the average person can't justify spending let alone afford the price of a true Nemesis mod, therefore, if we carried the true Nemesis mod, we would have them for a very long time!
  • If you choose the Magnet Kit option the magnets will NOT come pre-installed in the button. You will receive the springs in the button and you will be required to take apart the button and replace the springs with the magnets. The magnets will be taped to the top of your box.
  • We inspect all hardware prior to shipping. If you loose any parts or pieces from your Nemesis mod button while installing the magnets we are not liability for any lost hardware.
  • Price is for 1 magnet kit, each magnet kit will include 2 magnets
  • Neodymium magnets are very fragile and can break if dropped or clasped together


Serial Numbers

Please be advised that we do not accept requests for specific serial numbers, the lowest serial number, etc.

All mods have been pre-inspected for hardware to ensured that everything is there and they have been tested to ensure it will function correctly. They are documented by serial number as everything is included exactly how they should be and that they are cosmetically perfect, however, due to the volume and orders we ship each day it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to search through serial numbers to be able to offer anyone an exact serial number. All emails and/ or messages requesting for a specific, the lowest, etc will recieve a polite reply such as "We do not accept requests regarding serial numbers on mods. We apologize for the inconvenience"

Thank you for understanding.  

Warranty Information

This item is for advanced users only. Each one has been inspected to be cosmetically defect-free and in working condition. We also disassemble each mod to ensure all of the hardware, springs, pins, etc are perfect and are included. Please note, we do not accept returns and or exchanges on this item for sanitary & hygienic purposes. This product does not have a manufacture warranty against manufacture defects as it does not contain a circuit board that can fail, therefore, for this item, all sales are final. For more information please see our Terms & Returns Page. Feel free to ask us any further questions regarding this product by using our Contact Us page.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great device with great service

    Posted by Ken on 19th Apr 2014

    I'm a new for this Mech Mod. I use DCT tank with this Nemesis, now everything look good. I'm not disappoint to choose this Nemesis.
    It's easy to use and look beautiful. But the important thing is VR have a great customer service and very fast shipping. They take great care me and give a lot of answer I need to know.

  2. perfection

    Posted by john on 12th Mar 2014

    It was shipped same day as my order. USPS on thee other hand lost it for three days. Trackable after first day of order. If you don't own this and are thinking about getting it.. Get it. I use a kayfun 3.1 and this mod combo is thus far my favorite vape.

  3. Awesome mod, great quality, but find some magnets!

    Posted by David on 24th Feb 2014

    It really is unbelievable how great this mod is, if I actually spent 180 bucks on this exact product I still would not be disappointed. The only con which I believe tends to be an issue even with the originals, is the switch. It depends on where you have the throw set but at times it can get very crunchy, even stuck. I opened it up and there are actually two springs, I took the smaller of the two out and adjusted it so there is almost nothing to the throw and it seems to have sorted it. I'm waiting on magnets to throw in because VR was out of stock at the time, that should make this mod perfect.

  4. Great product

    Posted by Tyler Weisent on 24th Feb 2014

    The only probably I had was that one of the springs broke on the first day. Other then that this product it really worth the money!

  5. Amazing quality.

    Posted by Josh W on 20th Feb 2014

    Ive been using this for 2 days now, and aside from the learning curve, of adjusting the firing screws, and learning the best ways to adjust it for using different size batteries, this mod is awesome. A word of warning to newcomers. The edges on this thing are like razors. I've got 2 rather large cuts on my thumb, from not properly loosening certain parts, before trying to unscrew the button, and top. Lesson learned, and I'll be purchasing another, very soon. Hopefully the copper. Anyways, the quality of the build is spot on, and after working out the quirks, this mod is a must have.

  6. Great mod

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Feb 2014

    Simple and clean I like this mod and take it everywhere

  7. Great mod, don't forget the magnets!

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Feb 2014

    This was my first high end clone mod and I love it so far. Hits like a beast with my IGO-W3. I replaced the spring with magnets before I did anything else and the firing button is buttery smooth now.

  8. Nemesis SSS

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Feb 2014

    This I felt was everything that was stated in Vape Royaltys description. it is a beautiful and very capable piece. It is as stated and is all but a perfect replica of the real thing. Anyone ordering this Hcigar version will not be disappointed. I am so pleased in fact I ordered 1 more! Thanks Vape Royalty for a great product. If any other product you sell is not as great I would be surprised. The shipping was also very fast. No problems what's so ever. I highly recommend the Hcigar Nemisis Clone and also Vape Royalty as a place to buy a stellar product.

  9. Almost perfect

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Feb 2014

    This is such a nice mod. it looks and performs as well as people say it does. The magnet upgrade for the switch is worth the price in my opinion.

    My one and only complaint is that the switch tends to catch on the base of the bottom tube. It seems to be not quite centered with the tube. Even pressing directly in the center can cause it to catch and you have to find that sweet spot the get it to work smoothly. However, It feels like it is getting a bit smoother and more consistent throws, so I'm hoping once it gets broken in enough this won't be an issue (I've only been using this for 7 days for reference, and using it with a Sony 18650 + a Kick 2 with all tubes and beauty ring).

    Other than that it's a perfect mod, I would certainly recommend it. I wish I could give it 5 stars, but the switch issue is big enough that I can't just overlook it.

  10. Clone

    Posted by Matthew torres on 6th Feb 2014

    Still great I love it

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