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EHPro Origin Mod

Retail Price: $44.99 (You save $21.00)
Customer Rating:
5 Stars
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Product Description

We've Done it Again!

Introducing2-Tone Origin Mod

by EHPro

The Origin clone by EHPro is definitely an eye-catching and sleek looking mod. The Origin clone has polished stainless steel tubes in three sizes to accommodate 18350, 18500 and 18650 batteries. The 18350 tube is laser etched with an individualized serial number on one side and the Origin logo on the other side. The top is polished and has a recessed ring with eight craters surrounding the edges adding to the Origin’s originality. The EHPro Origin clone has a floating brass center pin which allows for different length 510 atomizer connectors to fit. But what really sets the EHPro Origin Mod apart from other mods is its bottom firing button. By itself, the bottom firing button contains 11 parts. Most notably is the brass hourglass-shaped pin that allows for micro-adjustments of the throw to suit different vapers preferences. To top it all off the EHPro Origin clone has a reverse threaded locking ring and is 22mm in diameter!

EHPro Origin Mod Facts and Features;
  • Polished Stainless Steel body W/ Brass Plated Accents
  • No Circuit Board (True Mechanical Mod)
  • Laser Etched Engravings and Logo
  • Laser Etched Engraved Individualized Serial Number
  • Floating Brass Atomizer Contact Pin
  • Adjustable Brass Bottom Button Firing Pin
  • Adjustable Button Throw
  • Reverse Threaded Locking Ring
  • 510 Connection
  • 3 Tubes for 18350, 18500 and 18650 Batteries
  • 22mm Diameter
  • EHPro Carrying Pouch
  • EHPro Box
General Tips 
  • Always Insert the Positive Side of the Battery into the tube FIRST! So if your mod was sitting on a table, the positive side of the battery would be facing up and the negative side of the battery should be facing down towards the button (Just like any mod, failing to properly insert your battery will kill your mod)
  • Always Use Protected Batteries from Reputable Brands Such as AW or eFest. Failure to Use These Batteries Can Result in Explosion and/ or Severe Incorrect Fitment. If your mod is not firing and you ARE NOT using AW or eFest Batteries, this IS the reason!
  • Never stack batteries
  • Always use a kick chip when running unprotected batteries
  • Prior to using your Origin mod, we suggest cleaning the contact pin, firing pin, tube threads, as well as the inside of all of the tubes. To clean simply remove the contact pin from the mod and thoroughly clean the contact pin, firing pin, threads, and inside of the mod tubes with a microfiber towel and standard rubbing alcohol to remove the manufacturing oil which will decrease the conductivity (aka decrease the resistance/drop voltage). This is further explained on our Mods 101 Page. 

Warranty Information

This item is for advanced users only. Each one has been inspected to be cosmetically defect-free and in working condition. We also disassemble each mod to ensure all of the hardware, springs, pins, etc are perfect and are included. Each mod has been hand polished, therefore, it is normal for slight swirls and/ or the occasional slight imperfections to be visible on these mods due to their hand finish. This same thing goes for every mod out there including the genuine version of these mods as well. As many of you advanced users know, if a mod is truly hand polished, then occasionally they will have slight imperfections. For those of you who are new to mechanical mods you will also see this same disclaimer on most all of the genuine mod manufacture's official websites. Please be advised it does not affect the performance or operation ability of the mod in any way, and for these reasons we will not accept returns or exchanges.

This product does not have a manufacture warranty against manufacture defects as it does not contain a circuit board that can fail, therefore, for this item, all sales are final. For more information please see our Terms & Returns Page. Feel free to ask us any further questions regarding this product by using our Contact Us page.

Product Reviews

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  1. The Origin is awesome 5 Star Review

    Posted by on

    Very well built and classy looking mod. True mechanical mod. Excellent purchase.

  2. Decent mod for the money 4 Star Review

    Posted by on

    Good mod for what it costs. I'll break it down into pro's and con's.

    Pros: Sleek, light, compact. Low voltage drop, excellent finish. Easy to use, good value for money.

    Cons: The firing pin is on the outside, and it's a floating one. It can sometimes get pushed down when you lock the device, making unlocking a hassle. The only other issue for us subohmers is that it doesn't seem to like tucking sony VTC4 flat tops without battery rattle.

    If you just want to have the mod, and you're willing to get used to its few small issues, I'd say to buy it. Just make sure that you have a few button tops laying around.

  3. Great Mech Mod! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on

    The mod is great. I love that it is 22mm instead of 21mm. I wish they would make a 22mm Aqua clone to match it. The mod works great. The only thing I dont like is the polished finish. It is to shiny, it attracts alot of finger prints. It also only works with certain batteries. Whereas my Nemesis can work with any battery and never has battery rattle. However the button on the Origin is much better.

  4. update to earlier review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on

    keep in mind this is 22mm version of the origin where original is 21mm. The Aqua will not work in hybrid mode on here however all your 22mm attys will be samwe diameter.

  5. Great quality mod 5 Star Review

    Posted by on

    The quality of this mod is amazing. Feels almost exactly like the real deal. Buy one you will not be disappointed its one of the best clones I have ever owned. I have the real thing and I may just sell it because the clone is so good.



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