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Drip Tips

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What are Drip Tips and What Type of Drip Tip Do I Need?
Drip Tips are the Mouthpiece found at the very top of your vaporizer that connect to your atomizer which holds your liquid. There are 2 main types of Drip Tips and the type of Drip Tip you will need depends on which type of Atomizer you have or plan to get. (RDA, RBA, DCT Tank, CE4, Etc.) 

Push-On Style Drip Tip
RDA, RBA, and DCT Tanks Generally Use a 510 Style 'Push-On' Drip Tip and will not work with a 'Screw-On' Style Drip Tip

Screw-On Style Drip Tips
CE4 and CE5 Clearomizers Generally Use a 'Screw-On' Style Drip Tip and will not work with 510 Style 'Push-On' Drip Tip. Please Note: We do not carry Screw-On Style Drip Tips by themselves, however, we do carry CE4 and CE5 Clearomizers that come with Screw-On Style Drip Tips and we also carry 510 Adapters so you can use any 510 Push-On Style Drip Tip with your CE4 and/or CE5.